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6 Outdoor Workout Ideas, From Fitness Influencers

As we head into the summer months, many people want to get outside and do different types of exercise.

Outdoor exercise offers several benefits

  • Improved Subjective Feelings of Well-Being: Outdoor exercising can reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Increasing exposure to natural light, fresh air, and plants can offer a nice change of pace from many people’s normal surroundings.
  • Increased Vitamin D levels: Spending time outside increases your exposure to sunlight which can help boost your vitamin D levels.
  • Variety: It’s easier to stay committed to a fitness routine when you enjoy your plan. Increasing the variety of your workouts is something that many people do to stay engaged. Outdoor exercising can offer a great deal of variety to your normal fitness routine by exposing you to exercise in different terrains and environments.
  • Social Interaction: Outdoor exercises give you the opportunity for increased social interaction and community building. Participating in a run club or road biking with a group of cyclists gives you the chance to work out and gain new friends.

We connected with some of our top fitness influencers so they can share outdoor workout ideas and the benefits of outdoor exercise.

Eleanor Rodriguez (@Sporty_Eleanor)

Hiking & Lifting

“A great way to enjoy getting outside is going hiking and lifting in an outdoor gym. With hiking you'll want to start with something short and minimal elevation change, you can gradually increase length and elevation intensity as you get more used to it. You'll want to bring LOTS of water, sunscreen, and a hat. Remember that wherever you hike out you'll have to double back, so as not to push yourself so much that you are unable to make it back the stretch that you hiked out.

Find an Outdoor Gym

As for outdoor gym workouts, I have noticed more gyms are making outdoor lifting areas. Outdoor gyms are an easy way to get some summer rays, but it is also convenient to come back indoors if it starts getting too hot. My local gym has a smaller outdoor area which is great for mixing up my workout environment and getting some fresh air. When going on hikes I find it refreshing to start my hike with a C4 Smart Energy since it is more sustained energy that doesn't make me feel jittery and leaves me feeling energized and awake during a morning hike. After my lifting session or morning hike, I will take XTEND Pro protein to recover and increase my protein intake for the day.”

Evan Lilas (@EvanLilas)

Hill Sprints at the Park

Living in the Midwest we don't always get the best weather, so when it is nice outside I love to take advantage and take my exercise to a park, ride my bike, or simply just find a hill to run sprints! For example, you could ride your bike for a specific distance or even just a time limit. If I know I want to do a 40 min bike ride, then I will set my timer for 20 minutes when I leave my house. Once the timer goes off I turn around and follow the same route back. You could also find a hill to run up and then walk down for a designated time limit. There are countless things you could do to exercise outside, and it honestly makes it more enjoyable to have the hot sun beating down on you! It's as easy as finding a park nearby to do pull ups, sit ups, and push-ups!

Preparation is key. Always make sure to wear appropriate attire for the specific exercise you choose to do and always bring water or even better XTEND Ripped BCAAs for hydration and the fat burning benefits. Not only does it hydrate you and help burn fat, but it even helps you recover after the brutal workout you put yourself through! It is very important to feed your muscles after expending so much energy exercising in the hot weather. My favorite thing to do after exercising outside is to blend some of our XTEND Pro Vanilla Ice Cream with some ice and almond milk for the perfect post workout shake.”

Keara Ferry (@GoodEatSwkeeks)

Trail Running

“What’s better than working out while simultaneously getting a tan? My favorite outdoor workout is a trail run or a hot girl walk. I love to go on morning trail runs, before it gets too hot. I prepare for my runs by sipping on raspberry lemonade C4 Energy Ripped to give myself all the energy, stretching beforehand, and prepping a good vibe playlist. After my run, I make sure to recover by drinking my Alpha Amino for ultimate hydration and recovery. I also love to go on hot girl walks, when I’m in need of a mid-afternoon pick me up. I love listening to self-help podcasts, uplifting music, drinking C4 Smart Energy (preferably Watermelon Burst), and hyping myself up.”

Mia Samuels (@MisoFit__IFBBPro)

Nature Walk & Hike

“When the weather is nice, I love to go for an outdoor hike. I love being outdoors surrounded by nature and enjoy the extra sweat the heat brings. Outdoor hikes can be low-impact or high-intensity depending on your own desired fitness level. Take some time to enjoy the sights while getting your cardio in is a match made in Heaven.

My favorite supplements to help me get the most of my hikes are C4 Smart Energy and XTEND Ripped. I love how the C4 gives me the focus and energy to complete my hike without the jitters or sudden crashing. XTEND Ripped helps me get the most out of my cardio session and mobilizes fat cells, aiding in burning them off.

Tips for success when starting out, make sure you are adequately hydrated, and you have the correct shoes for long periods of walking and different terrain. Sunblock and bug spray can go a long way. Make sure you are alert of your surroundings. Be mindful that you are in nature's home, and you may run into animals you’re not used to seeing in the city.”

Shania Juzil (@ShaniaJuzil)

Bike Riding

“With the summer just beginning and the weather is beautiful out, I love a good bike ride. You’re able to enjoy a sunny day with a nice breeze as you’re getting a workout in for your legs. You won’t have to think about it as an exercise with the scenery being a distraction. Being an early bird, a good morning jog is always great to start the day. It wakes your body up and gets the blood flowing.

Want another energy boost? Before any workout I have to have my favorite flavors of C4 Energy! Whether it's Cherry Limeade or Peach Mango Nectar. It gets me energized and pumped throughout my workout to where I don’t feel exhausted in between my sets!”

Outdoor Workout Supplements to Try

  • Alpha Amino: Alpha Amino is the ultimate performance, hydration, and recovery sports drink powder. Whether you’re just starting out, or ready to reach that next level, Alpha Amino will support you throughout your entire journey. Be ready and recovered for whatever tomorrow brings.
  • XTEND Ripped: XTEND Ripped features the clinically studied ingredient Capsimax®, which helps support fat burning. In addition, XTEND Ripped is formulated without stimulants, giving you options for your workout routine.
  • XTEND Pro: Featuring 25g of Whey Isolate and 7g total BCAAs per serving, XTEND Pro takes muscle repair and recovery to the next level. With delicious gluten-free flavors, and two third-party certifications, it's no wonder that XTEND Pro is the protein choice of champions!
  • C4 Ripped: In addition to explosive energy and muscular endurance, C4 Ripped infuses Capsimax®, naturally from Cayenne, to help support fat burning and an increase in metabolic rate.
  • C4 Energy: The incredible flavor of C4 Energy is made with zero sugar and zero compromise on taste. Powered by clinically studied ingredients like CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine and BetaPower® Betaine, it’s time to elevate your energy.
  • C4 Smart Energy: Mouthwatering flavor made with zero sugar and zero compromise on taste. Powered by clinically studied ingredients, Smart Energy is made to elevate your mental focus.

Date June 23, 2022
Category Training