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How To Decompress with Exercise

Daily life can get stressful, especially when it comes to balancing our many responsibilities. A common challenge for many people is balancing working out with their personal and professional goals. We connected with some members of Team Cellucor to learn how they use exercise as a space to decompress.

As a bonus, they also let us know which supplements they’re using to get a boost when they’re struggling to make progress in the gym.

Hunter Mason, on Creatine for Size & Strength


Being a flight attendant means I’m working 3-4 days a week and doing 2-7 flights a day. I meet hundreds of people a day and stay in different cities every week. It gets extremely exhausting and going to the gym is my way of clearing my head and resetting! I find myself at the gym for around 3 hours a day and when I leave, I feel myself in such a better mindset. Personally, I love ending my day at the gym by going later in the evening! If it weren’t for the gym, I feel like I would be tense and, in my head, all the time.

I LOVE COR Creatine! I’ve noticed a significant size and strength difference since I’ve started taking it and that has pushed me to work even harder. By taking the creatine and pre-workout, my workouts have gotten longer, and I feel significantly stronger than when I don’t take it. Before taking creatine, I would feel discouraged more often by lack of strength and muscle size and I noticed a huge change after taking it! Because I’m able to go for longer and lift heavier during my workouts, it’s helped my overall muscle growth in the long run!

Tom Flynn, on Training with Supplements


Exercising is so important to me and helps me stay focused on my goals. Working a 9-5 and life, in general, can get stressful at times but the one thing that helps me get through my day is the time I get in the gym. Training gives me time to myself, and it works on not only my physical strength but my mental strength as well.

Two of my favorite products that have helped me reach new goals are COR Creatine and NO3 Chrome. Nothing beats when you are training and have an insane pump. These two products have helped me gain strength, muscle, and power. Since I have started using these supplements, I have not been able to train without them!

Maria Moda, on Stim-Free Workout Performance


I find it essential to provide the body with movement as a means to balance the overactive nervous systems so many of us tend to be experiencing lately. By training, I give myself an allotted time to set aside any stressors and discipline myself to be present in my body. It definitely takes consistency, but it gets easier day by day. I keep it interesting by incorporating different intensity techniques so that I never get lost in going through the motions. Also, this is my time to listen undisturbed to my favorite music which is uplifting!

The biggest support I receive from supplementation during training is the NO3 Chrome! I take only 1 pill just before I do my 10-minute warmup and by my first exercise, it kicks in. I get (extremely) visible pumps that motivate me to push harder since I see my muscles activated. I also feel the blood rushing through my muscles which causes a natural high of motivation!

Supplements Made for Fitness Influencers & Athletes

Cor Performance CreatineCOR Performance Creatine supports strength, power, and muscular growth. 

NO3 Chrome Pre Workout: Nitric Oxide helps promote blood flow to the muscles, which in turn supports a better pump. NO3 Chrome utilizes NO3 in the form of Arginine Nitrate—a fusion of L-Arginine and Nitrate. Combining these two efficient and powerful ingredients helps give you the long lasting, unbelievable pumps to help your muscle gains.*

C4 Ultimate Pre Workout PowderC4 Ultimate is a high stimulant pre-workout formulated to deliver lasting energy, pumps, and muscular endurance. Our triple-sourced citrulline performance complex supports increased pumps to help you take your results to the next level.

Date April 19, 2022
Category Training