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Why Take a Thermogenic Fat Burner

Thermogenic fat burners are popular supplements to use alongside diet and exercise in weight loss programs. The advantage of using thermogenic fat burners is that they support increased levels of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a process in the body that causes an increase in body temperature. This increased body temperature is associated with increased caloric expenditure. Successful weight management programs are designed around sustained caloric deficits. Some benefits of thermogenic fat burners include:

  • Support body's natural metabolism
  • Enhance weight loss goals 
  • Burn more calories during workout

Fat Burning Ingredients to Know

These are some key ingredients that are commonly found in both stimulant-based and non-stimulant thermogenic supplements.

  • Capsimax® (capsicum annuum) is a naturally occurring chemical found in red chili peppers. Capsimax® supports lipolysis (the breakdown of fatty acids) and thermogenesis.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant that acts as an antagonist to adenosine in the central nervous system, adenosine plays a role in our sleep cycle. Caffeine supports increased energy and alertness.
  • Green Tea Extract supports increased thermogenesis and fatty acid oxidation (fat burning).
  • CLA, also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is an omega-6 fatty acid that helps the body use food as fuel.
  • L-Carnitine is an amino acid that transports fatty acid to the mitochondria to be burned as energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fat Burners Work? 

Fat burners can be an effective component of a successful weight loss strategy when combined with a well-designed diet and exercise program.

Best time to take a fat burner? 

Follow the directions on your product’s label for best results. 

How long does it take for a fat burner to start working?

You may feel the effects of some ingredients found in fat burners, like caffeine or Capsimax® within an hour of use. While other ingredients commonly found in fat burners have shown their beneficial effects after 4-8 weeks of continuous use, in combination with diet and exercise.

How long do fat burners stay in your system?

The length of time that a fat burner will stay in your system will vary based on the half-live's of individual ingredients used in a product’s formula. A half-life is a term used in physiology to determine the amount of time it takes the body to reduce the concentration of an ingredient to half of it’s ingested amount. Ingredients like caffeine and green tea have half-lives that are around 5 hours on average. While an ingredient like capsaicin has a half-life of about 24 hours.

Which Fat Burner Works Best?

When choosing a fat burner, it’s important to assess your individual caffeine tolerance. For reference: 

  • 12 oz Caffeinated soft drinks have about 35 mg of caffeine per serving 
  • 8 oz of Green Tea has about 40 mg of caffeine per serving 
  • 8 oz of Coffee has about 95 mg of caffeine per serving 

Check the label of the fat burner you’re considering and assess your individual caffeine tolerance. Depending on your goals and caffeine tolerance, SuperHD is an excellent stimulant-based fat burner, while CLK is an effective non-stimulant-based fat burner.