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The Ultimate HIIT Barbell Workout

Benefits of HIIT Workout

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of exercise where short periods of work are interspersed with short periods of rest. Typical work durations are 30-60 seconds and the rest periods can be equal to or less than the work depending on the person’s fitness level.

Using this training method results in improved aerobic capacity, performance, and major calorie burn. HIIT workouts don’t require any weight at all, but turning your HIIT workout into HIIT weight training can have major benefits.

Benefits of Dumbbells

Once you introduce dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc, then the workout becomes more anaerobic, meaning now you’re building power too.

The best use for a barbell is to increase strength, specifically reaching a three-rep, five-rep, or one-rep max. However, there’s also another often underutilized application for barbells: HIIT workouts.

>Since you can add weight to complex movements that require your whole body, barbells and high-intensity weight workouts work every muscle, including your heart.

Try this five-move full body barbell interval workout to get shredded and strong fast and exceed your fitness goals.

The Ultimate HIIT Barbell Workout

Type of barbell: You can use an Olympic (45-pound) barbell, a shorter straight barbell, or an EZ barbell. An EZ barbell isn’t very comfortable when placed on the back, so take precaution with it for the lunges.

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. That’s 1 round. Do 4 total rounds, resting 90 seconds between rounds.

Exercise 1: Barbell Drop Squat

How to Do It: Stand holding a barbell in a front squat position so it’s on top of the front of your shoulders (on your collarbone). Your feet should be close together. The barbell will stay in this position the entire time. Begin the move by jumping both feet away from each other horizontally and landing in the bottom of a front squat/squat clean. Now, come back to the starting position by jumping both feet back together and standing up with the barbell. That’s one rep.

Exercise 2: Barbell Thruster

How to Do It: Stand holding a barbell on top of your shoulders in a front rack position. This is the starting position. Squat down until your thighs are below parallel, keeping the barbell on top of the shoulders. Explode up towards the starting position, pressing the weight overhead as you stand up. Pause. Bring the bar down back to shoulders and go straight into the squat again. This is one fluid motion, as there are no pauses between reps.

Exercise 3: Barbell Row and Hang Clean

How to Do It: Stand holding a barbell so you’re bent over with your torso parallel to the ground. The barbell should be hanging down with your arms extended towards the ground. This is the starting position. Row the barbell towards the middle of your chest, pause for three seconds, then release the barbell back towards the floor. Now, stand straight up so the bar is in front of your hips. Do a hang clean by bending your knees and sliding the bar down your thighs until it reaches the top of your knee (lower thigh). At this point, bring the barbell to the top of your shoulders, essentially flipping it up. Last, bring the bar down to the front of your hip. That’s one rep of the barbell row and hang clean.

Exercise 4: Barbell Burpee Hop

How to Do It: Place a barbell on the ground and stand next to it facing the side. Do a burpee but instead of jumping up at the end, jump laterally over the bar. You should be jumping from left to right after the first burpee, then from right to left after the second burpee. You can also stand parallel (behind) to the barbell, do a burpee, then hop forward over the bar.

Exercise 5: Barbell Lunge

How to Do It: Place a barbell on your back in a high bar squat position, so beneath the base of your neck and on your upper shoulders. Stand with feet hip-width apart and elbows raised up. Keep your abs tight. This is the starting position. Take a big step forward with your right leg until the left knee is 1-2 inches off the ground. Explode up and step the right leg back to the starting position. Now, lunge with the left leg by stepping it forward until the right knee is 1-2 inches off of the ground. That’s one rep for each leg.

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Date November 15, 2021
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