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Sadik's Return to the IFBB Stage – Unfinished Business Part 2

2-Day Shows

2-day shows have advantages and disadvantages. Some advantage is to always come in fuller, tighter the next day, to make last minute adjustments to wow the judges and leave a lasting impression. A disadvantage is having to tan twice, which is kind of a pain. Another disadvantage is pulling back on your water, you’re trying to come on stage dry. It’s hard to cut back on water two days in a row, you must be very meticulous, and you must have your health in mind. You don’t want to pull back too much water where you’re in danger or where you soften out and get flat, this happens when you pull too much water, you ruin your look. 

Making Adjustments

Tomorrow is another opportunity to prove ourselves. Those of us who are in the top 5, we can shuffle things around. We can come in tighter, fuller, better posing, better stage charisma. This is like my 22nd pro show, it could be more. You would think it would get easier but I’m nervous every single time. There’s so many nerves backstage, so much adrenaline.

Winning Pittsburgh Pro

I’d be lying if I said I was surprised. I knew exactly what I came out here to do. Was I nervous at times? Yes, real nervous, but I’m nervous because it’s important to me, it means a lot. I knew I came out here to execute. I knew I was destined for victory, and I proved it to myself. We have all these little voices in our heads that say you can’t do it, it’s all noise. Anytime you hear noise, push through regardless. Never give up and always follow your heart and your passion.

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Date May 23, 2022
Category Training