Sadik's Bulking Stack

1. C4 Original Make A Selection



Size: 20 Servings

Flavor: Sour Gummy

Size: 72 Servings

Flavor: Unflavored

Size: 1.5 lb


With energy, strength, and clinically studied doses of BCAAs, these go-to’s are ready to take your results to the next level. Power up with C4 Original + COR Creatine Monohydrate, a pair that’s optimized for energy, strength, and lean muscle. Fuel up during your workouts with XTEND Elite, the stim-free legend for power output, endurance, and priming your body for recovery. And finally, you’ve got 25g of high-quality isolate protein + added BCAAs in every scoop of XTEND Pro. The perfect tasting protein to take by itself or mixed into your favorite high-calorie shakes.  

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