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Life Beyond Bodybuilding with Sadik Hadzovic (Part II)

We connected with Team Cellucor’s Sadik Hadzovic as he prepares for two big shows. Sadik is currently transitioning from a bulking phase into a cutting phase. Sadik shared key tips to success in bodybuilding including advice on handling setbacks, the importance of routines, and having a strong team.

My whole purpose of the show is to comeback at my best ever. Not match my best ever but beat my best ever. Winning will take care of itself.

Handling Setbacks

There’s been little speed bumps, my family and I all got sick like many of us out there in the world. I was out of the gym for at least two weeks. My appetite was suppressed, and I lost eight pounds. But you’ve got to realize that muscle memory is real, the muscle will come back. You’ve just got to use that same discipline that got you that muscle and it’ll be there.

The Importance of Routines

In order to be successful, you have to have a routine. You can’t wake up one day at 8, then another day at 10, and then another day at 12, and expect to have it all together. I wake up while my wife and my son are sleeping and I get what I have to do, done early. This way I can spend some quality time with my family.

Being a father now, things change but you‘ve to learn to adapt to the situation. 

Bodybuilding is a Discipline

I think bodybuilding is the most disciplined sport because it’s 365 for a decade. You can’t look good for the stage in six months, you have to put in that ten years of work first. It’s ten years of eating 6 meals a day, ten years of waking up early, ten years of missing out on parties, late nights, clubs. It takes total discipline and total effort. I try to win every single day and I treat every day individually. So, if you’ve got to wake up early, that’s what you’ve got to do.

If you want to be a champion, you’ve got to pay a price.

Having A Good Team

Now bodybuilding, you may see it as a lonely sport. It’s only us on stage posing. It’s only us eating the meals. But there is a whole team of people behind me. One guy that’s been by my side is Kash Guidry, my original coach. All four of my world titles are working with Kash, I’ve never won a world title without him. Another guy I’ve been working with for so many years is Dr. Mike Camp. Every day we meet in the gym, we train, he brings out the best of me. If I feel like quitting on rep number 10, he’s going to push me to 12, if 12 looks easy he’s going to push me to 14. He gets the best out of me. It’s finally redemption time to get back on stage and finish what we started.

Injury Prevention

When you’ve been a pro for 10 of those years. When you’ve competed in over 20 pro shows. Your body is going to have some aches and pains. Having a guy like Mike Stella on my team to help me recover, make sure my body stays in line and injury free is invaluable. You’re only good as long as you can stay injury-free. The worst thing a bodybuilder can do is get injured because then you have to take time off from the gym. So, I never miss my Mike Stella appointment.

When you’re working out for the past 15 years...Your body is going to have some aches and pains.

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Date March 09, 2022
Category Training