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by Team Cellucor February 17, 2017

Full body workouts and split workouts are often pit against each other in the training debate. Which one is best? The answer isn’t black and white. Let’s break down the benefits of both so you can decide which routine works best for you!


Great when you are pressed for time: When your schedule is packed with meetings, travel and a ton of work, full body workouts are extremely useful. This kind of workout emphasizes compound movements, which activate several muscles at once, so you'll reap the strength benefits without spending too much time on one single muscle group. With full body workouts you can also perform the exercises back-to-back, which raises the intensity when you need a super efficient workout that combines strength and cardio. 

Easy to do anywhere: You don’t always have access to a state-of-the-art facility. One of the best parts about full body workouts is that they are easy to customize and do without equipment. Squats, pushups, dips, planks…whether you're at home or traveling, you can turn any space into a gym with full body workouts. 

Best for flexible schedules: Although you may want to get to the gym 5-6 days a week, it isn’t always possible. If you only have a couple of days to dedicate to your fitness, full body workouts are an efficient use of your time because you can hit every major muscle group in one session. 

Great for all training levels: Strength training is important but some exercises are too advanced for beginners. Most full body workouts include basic exercises that are beneficial for all levels and training goals to help people build a strong foundation. 


Good for building lean muscle mass: If you’re looking to build serious muscle, nothing beats split workouts. Volume is a critical component for building muscle and by targeting a muscle group with a variety of both compound movements and isolation exercises, you are setting yourself up for big changes!

Great for correcting muscle imbalance: Lagging body parts need time and attention to be brought up to par. With a single muscle group split, you can pour your focus and energy into developing that muscle. 

More recovery time: Imagine doing heavy squats one day and having to do them again two days later. When you split your workouts, you recover for a longer period before hitting the muscle again. And let’s not forget that recovery time is important for building muscle!

Detail oriented: With split workouts, you have more time to dedicate to each muscle. The more time you have, the more exercises you can use to hit the muscle from different angles. Ultimately, this helps you dial in your training. 


Choose the right kind of workout for you. Full body workouts and splits are both incredibly efficient. They both have a time and place according to what your fitness goals (or time constraints) may be. Knowing when to use each to your advantage can be key in helping reach your fitness goals!

Team Cellucor
Team Cellucor

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