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XTEND Pro Recipe: Cookie Butter PROtein Pastries

By: Harrison Burch (@HarryBurchLifts)

These Cookie Butter PROtein Pastries do not disappoint. Oozing with Cookie Butter and peanut butter flavors, your tastebuds are in for a real treat. This pastry is a delicious and healthy way to indulge in a sweet treat. With its flaky buttery crust this pastry is sure to become your new favorite dessert. Plus, with the added protein powder and Greek yogurt, it's a great way to help you reach your daily protein goals and support your muscle growth and recovery. So, whether you're looking for a post-workout snack or a healthy dessert option, our Protein Pastry is the perfect choice. So, preheat your oven and let's get baking! 



  • 25g XTEND PRO Cookie Butter
  • 7g coconut flour
  • 12g peanut butter powder
  • 2g Stevia or sweetener
  • Enough water for a slurry consistency


    • Greek yogurt
    • Sweetener
    • Sugar free pudding mix
    • Topped each with crumbled biscuit


  • I use 2 pastries as a base and cut the third to be placed on top of your others, think like a ravioli
  • I spread my filling evenly before layering the top on
  • Leave enough unfilled space around the edges to be pressed tightly with a fork
  • I brushed the top of each pastry with egg white and then slit the top of each pastry to prevent them from exploding
  • Air fry on 350 for 8 minutes
  • Cook time will be comparable with the oven but may differ slightly.

Date April 27, 2022
Category Nutrition