Endomorph Diet & Workout Guide

Are you someone who struggles to lose weight?

Do you have a naturally larger frame?

The technical term for this body type is 'endomorph'.


The endomorph body type has more body fat than average, gets tired easily, enjoys a huge appetite and difficulty losing weight. They're wider than an ectomorph or mesomorph, with a larger bone structure, more strength, and accompanied by significantly more body fat. 

If this is you, it may seem like you're destined to struggle to achieve your fitness goals. But, endomorphs simply have to play a different hand to achieve their lean muscle goals.

How to Train if You're an Endomorph

Slogging away at steady-state cardio isn’t the solution if you're an endomorph body type. The focus should be on burning fat through a combination of cardio AND weight training.

Interval-based conditioning, utilizing exercises that tax the entire body (sprints, box jumps and sled pushes, etc), will help you strip away body fat.

The goal is to get your body burning as much fuel as possible during your training sessions and to continue maximizing that calorie burn long after you've finished.

As an endomorph, you do have to work at achieving results, but on the bright side, you tend to be naturally strong with an inclination for endurance.

You excel at movements that require power and bodyweight force. So, do try to incorporate exercises and workouts that allow you to push your boundaries in those areas.

A sport like martial arts, for example, is a perfect complement to your program. It's challenging but also helps you break out of the monotony of typical training. 

When you're not working out, aim to be active. Opt for walks, yoga, bike rides–anything to get your body moving and burning calories while you're "off". 

Sample Endomorph Workout Plan

The below workout is designed to help you build lean muscle.

Keep the set range to 12-20 sets (3-5 sets per exercise).

Choose a weight that allows you to fail at 8-12 reps.

Rest between 20-60 seconds depending on your level of fitness and the level of intensity you want to achieve.

After each workout hit 15-30 minutes of cardio. Opt for interval training (2 minutes slow, 1 minute fast), as this will elicit the greatest hormonal response. 

Day 1: Chest/Triceps 

  • Flat Barbell Bench Presses
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Presses
  • Dumbbell Flys
  • Cable Crossovers
  • Pushups 
  • Tricep Dips
  • Lying Tricep Press  

    Day 2: Back/Biceps

    • Pull Ups 
    • Barbell Deadlifts 
    • Barbell Bent Over Rows 
    • Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 
    • Seated Rows
    • EZ Bar Biceps Curls (wide/close grips)
    • Dumbbell Hammer Curls 

      Day 3: Cardio

      • Row Machine
      • Swimming
      • Step Mill

        Day 4: Shoulders/Calves/Abs

        • Standing Shoulder Military Presses
        • Dumbbell Lateral Raises 
        • Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raises
        • Calf Raises on Leg Press
        • Leg Raises 
        • Russian Twists 
        • Planks

          Day 5: Legs

          • Squats 
          • Leg Extensions
          • Hamstring Curls
          • Dumbbell Reverse Lunges 
          • Single Leg Presses
          • Step Ups with Barbell 
          • Glute Bridges

            Day 6: Cardio

            • Treadmill Sprints
            • Cycling
            • Elliptical

              Day 7: Rest

              Supplements for an Endomorph Body Type

              Whey Protein

              As an endomorph, you should try to incorporate lean protein into every meal you eat. If this is a struggle, try supplementing with a whey protein shake.

              Whey protein shakes not only help you hit your protein goals, but they're also useful for sugar cravings (most are dessert flavored) and, most of all, they help fuel muscle recovery after intense workouts. 

              Branched Chain Amino Acids

              Otherwise known as BCAAs–these are valine, leucine, and isoleucine. 

              Supplementing with BCAAs during and after your workout can help promote muscle endurance and recovery. Because your workouts focus on big movements and intense intervals, you'll want to make sure you're fueled for putting max effort into each training session. 


              As an endomorph, you may struggle with fatigue. So when it comes to giving it your all every single workout, you may need a boost of energy and focus.

              Lucky for you, that's what pre-workouts were designed to do.

              There are a variety of pre-workout formulas to choose from, ranging from those that help you lose weight to those that help you put on muscle. Depending on your goals, choose the one that's right for you! 

              Endomorph Nutrition

              Unfortunately, as an endomorph, you’ll have to watch what you eat more than other body types. You don't have to go to extremes, but you should be cautious of refined carbohydrates and instead get your fix from high-fiber sources like oats, brown rice, and vegetables.

              Also, aim to keep your protein intake high throughout the day, as it will help keep you satiated and on track for building lean muscle. 

              Sample Endomorph Meal Plan

              Below is a sample endomorph meal plan.

              While it is meant to provide you with healthy ideas, you'll need to consult a calorie calculator to assess appropriate portion sizes for your personal goals. Also take into account your personal preferences for certain fruits, veggies, proteins, etc.


              Meal 1: Oats, cinnamon, sliced banana, raspberries, whey protein powder (cook together)

              Meal 2: Fruit salad-mango, kiwi, papaya. Hard boiled egg whites

              Meal 3: Two sushi rolls with whole grain or wild rice, apple

              Meal 4: Protein shake, banana, flaxseed oil

              Meal 5: Lean steak, potato, salad, veggies


              Meal 1: Muesli, mixed berries, protein shake

              Meal 2: Grapes, egg whites

              Meal 3: Chicken salad prepared with olive oil

              Meal 4: Protein shake. Canned salmon and dill on rye

              Meal 5: Protein shake. Prawns on a bed of veggies, brown rice


              Meal 1: Egg white omelet, button mushrooms, diced tomato

              Meal 2: Tuna, avocado, salad with lemon juice

              Meal 3: Sliced turkey breasts, mixed salad, whole wheat pita

              Meal 4: Beef jerky, orange

              Meal 5: Protein shake. Chicken, grilled asparagus, pepper, onion, celery, small baked potato


              Meal 1: Omelet, sliced tomato, sliced pepper, whole wheat bread, banana

              Meal 2: Tuna and chickpea salad prepared with flaxseed oil

              Meal 3: Shredded chicken, mashed avocado, olive oil and spinach on whole grain crackers

              Meal 4: Brown rice cake, protein shake

              Meal 5: Protein shake. Grilled salmon on bed of greens, beans, peas, carrots, olive oil, lemon


              Meal 1: Hard boiled egg whites, whole wheat bread, fruit salad

              Meal 2: Greek salad with chicken breast, flaxseed oil

              Meal 3: Prawns and vegetables

              Meal 4: Protein shake, diced banana and walnuts

              Meal 5: Protein shake. Chicken, mushrooms stuffed with feta, carrots, peas, and a small baked potato


              Meal 1: Oatmeal, cinnamon, apple juice, whey protein (cooked together)

              Meal 2: Protein shake, grapes, orange

              Meal 3: Grilled cod, brown rice, mixed veggies

              Meal 4: Protein shake, cantaloupe

              Meal 5: Grilled chicken breasts, tomato relish wrapped in lettuce leaves

              Sunday – Rest Day

              Meal 1: Large flat mushrooms, baby leaf spinach, poached egg whites

              Meal 2: Protein shake. Carrots dipped in hummus, apple

              Meal 3: Baked salmon fillet with spinach and leeks, brown rice

              Meal 4: Protein shake, peach, mixed nuts

              Meal 5: Chicken breast, small sweet potato, carrots, green veggies

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