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How SEO Manager Chloe Moore Uses Cellucor to Fuel Her Workout Goals

Being a part of the Cellucor team is a dream come true for me since the foundation is rooted in helping anyone - beginners to advanced bodybuilders - to maximize their full potential in and out of the gym.

I’m currently the SEO & Merchandising Manager at Nutrabolt. I love that my work at Nutrabolt helps me to surface meaningful content for anyone in their fitness journey.

My fitness journey started as a self-care necessity.

I juggle many priorities throughout the day and I needed a mental / physical outlet to balance the sedentary lifestyle of working from home. Also, the Cellucor team has such a supportive fitness community, in both ambassadors and employees, who truly live the mission every day which was aspirational for me.

I’ve always liked going to the gym to hit the treadmill, maybe lift a 10-15 lb weight and call it a day. My sister and I both agreed that we weren’t seeing the results we wanted from doing the bare minimum. For Mother’s Day, we decided to gift ourselves a trainer.

Our trainer, Janerika Livingston of FitNFine, immediately kicked us off with a consistent three times a week routine, taught us how to track & manage our macros, and set us up to be more active at home with a daily 10k steps a day goal. I can’t thank Janerika enough for the results I’ve seen in six months from working out in her gym. It’s made all the difference in my motivation and actually seeing results (aka finally having my abs back lol).

I swear by a simple routine for working out.

For me personally, I have to have a pre-workout to get me pumped up for a full workout with my trainer. I’m currently using C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder in the Strawberry Lemonade flavor.

During and after my workout, I hydrate with XTEND Original to boost the electrolytes in my water. Taking BCAAs have helped me a lot with how terrible my muscle soreness is (especially when I first started out). My trainer also requires that we meet a certain protein goal every day so I use XTEND Pro Vanilla Ice Cream to enhance my protein intake. It has 25 grams of protein, which is a big boost for me to hit my goal when I need that extra protein intake.

Right now, I’m training in the gym three times a week. I track my macros using MyFitnessPal because I want to make sure I’m giving my body what it needs before I give it what it wants (this is key!). Outside of that, my trainer likes to assign a weekly homework goal to help us keep active at-home. Sometimes that homework is walking 3 miles for the week or 500 squats, jumping jacks, abs, and steps for the week - something to make sure we stay active.

2023 Plans & Goals for Myself

In 2023, my primary goal is to keep up with my consistency and really master each exercise movement so that I can feel and see the results that I want. I'm excited to keep seeing results and using the right workout supplements to help me unlock my next level. 

Date December 30, 2022
Category Training