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3 Exercises to Combat Rounded Shoulders

By: Jack Hanrahan

Here are 3 exercises to help combat rounded-shoulder posture and improve shoulder mobility. Use them as warm up prep before lifting, during short movement breaks at work or part of a focused mobility routine. The more often you perform these movements, the better. Consistency is key to make lasting change.  

Band Over + Backs 

Coaching Notes

  • Grab a band or a towel (start wide) and hold against your thighs with the elbows locked.
  • Squeeze your glutes and brace the abs so the low back doesn’t arch and the ribs don’t flare up during the movement.
  • Lift overhead, turning the palms up and continue until the band/towel is against your butt.
  • Reverse the motion.
  • Its important that you keep a nice smooth tempo throughout the movement and you maintain good posture.
  • You should feel a gentle stretch across the pecs as you go overhead - so adjust the width of your grip accordingly.
  • Perform 10 reps.

Shoulder Axial Rotations

Coaching Notes

  • Arm out to the side, elbow straight.
  • Externally rotate the arm as much as you can - think about turning the bicep and palm of your hand up to face the ceiling.
  • Internally rotate the arm as much as you can - think about turning the bicep down along with the palm of your hand. 
  • Make sure the shoulder doesn’t hike up towards the ear as you internally rotate. Were trying to isolate pure rotation.
  • Perform 10 reps.

Dead Bug Floor Slides

Coaching Notes

  • Lie on your back with the knees stacked over hips and a 90 degree angle at the knees with toes pulled up.
  • Low back should be flush with the ground.
  • Brace abs.
  • Press the back of the forearms and hands against the floor (make your best effort) with the upper arms perpendicular to the body.
  • Straighten arms overhead while exhaling through pursed lips.
  • Pull the elbows down by engaging your lats (like a behind neck shoulder press) while inhaling.
  • Perform 10 reps.
Whether you’re just starting a fitness journey or you’re striving to reach that next level, C4 Original will help you unlock your full potential.

    Date December 02, 2021
    Category Training


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