Weight Loss Step 4: Find Your Support System

By Jen Jewell

We talked about goal setting, planning and maximizing the time and effort you put into your weight loss. In the last post of this series, I want to address something that is often overlooked in a weight loss journey: support.

I know you may be thinking, “Jen, don’t worry, I’ve got this!” But I also know that the process is challenging and it can get a bit lonely when you’re working towards a goal on your own. 

When I was training for my fitness competition, I made it a point to see my friends on a regular basis. Even if that meant ordering grilled chicken and vegetables at dinner or trading wine for water during happy hour. I made a lot of sacrifices to achieve my goal but I didn't want to sacrifice time with friends and family. And having them around helped keep me accountable and focused every step of the way. 

Support comes in many different forms. Family, friends, workout partners, a significant other...

It's super important to have a support system in place while you work towards your weight loss goal. You’ll feel far less isolated during your journey, less likely to burn out, and those close to you will feel more included (even if their personal fitness goals aren’t aligned with yours). Because you’ve taken the time to fill them in on how much they mean to you, it’s likely that they will be even more inclined to keep you accountable while you pursue your goals. 

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