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Unleash Your Alpha: Brandon Foor

We had the opportunity to sit down with one of our Cellucor athletes and a nationally ranked CrossFit competitor Brandon Foor to discuss how he balances a career in the military, managing a CrossFit gym, and living a life of fitness. Brandon shared some practical tips for staying on track with goals, detailed his personal experiences with using P6, and inspired us by showing how he’s giving back.

How did you get into fitness?

Growing up as a kid, I wasn’t the leanest. In the 5th grade I got into the fitness realm. Fitness is my passion, my mental escape, my getaway. Throughout the past year, with adversaries and setbacks like my knee surgeries, it helped me get past these things. I picked up CrossFit when I was stationed in South Korea. I heard the plates slamming and I asked, “what are you all doing?”. My friend convinced me to get into a class, and I loved the community. The community is different from gyms where everyone has their headphones on. I tell people if you’re new to an area, join CrossFit.

You used to own your own CrossFit gym?

An opportunity presented itself. But owning a CrossFit gym is different from traditional gyms. You have to build a community and be active on social media. I bought the gym, and it had about 13 members and in over a year I built it to over 100 members, and then sold it. When I was planning to move from the area, because of a job opportunity, a member approached me about investing. So, I sold the gym, but still manage it.

You told us when you came back from deployment, fitness became an evergreen mission for you, is that still true for you?

For some people, their getaway in life is drinking and smoking. For me, it’s being in the gym with my friends, not going out to the bars and clubs so much, because it isn’t a good environment. For me what helps my mental stress is being in the gym, with like-minded individuals.

How do you find balance with everything you do?

From my experience, in learning from the military, time management. People ask how you manage to go to the gym, own the CrossFit gym, and be a soldier. I tell people it’s not easy. For me, it’s a challenging experience. I wake up at 6 am to work out, I go to work from 8 to 4, then coach CrossFit until 8 pm, and then go to school. I go home, to school, and then sleep until 10 pm and then rinse and repeat.

Do you have any tips or tricks that could help other people with their fitness goals and balancing it?

There’s a good podcast with Joe Rogan and Matthew McConaughey, and it made me realize what Matthew McConaughey was doing. He talks about how he has a journal, and he lists everything that he wants to accomplish that next day. I realized that I would do that on my phone and list in order to accomplish things. And then side notes of other things I’d need to do.

The best advice I’d give is to prioritize your day into tasks you know you can accomplish and then make time for yourself. So that you don’t have that burnout where you aren’t able to retain anything or are on autopilot. That’s what this podcast was about, he talked about how when things were going bad, he’d write down what he was doing so he doesn’t make that mistake. And when things go well, he’ll write down what he’s doing good.

A lot of people don’t realize the bad habits that they’re doing, and they get complacent. For me having those notes, my 25-year target, short term goals vs long term goals, I try to stay on target.

Any tips on implementing fitness or nutrition goals?

Think of people who smoke 3 packs a day, they have this goal that they’re going to quit. I tell people to have more realistic goals, where instead of 3 packs they smoke 2 and then 1. And it’s the same thing with nutrition, for cutting fat.

What products add the most value to your daily life?

I have been taking Cellucor products for a long time. Each product has its own meaning to me.

C4 Smart Energy I love and recommend to people all the time. It’s a great alternative to energy drinks because it has caffeine without all the sugar. Also, I like the non-carbonated C4 Energy On the Go because they're already made.

And then the P6 lineup of testosterone boosters, I noticed good results from that in the military during my deployment. We did a lot of deployments, and when I came back, I noticed I was constantly tired no matter how many energy drinks I drank. Then I remembered about P6 testosterone boosters. And since I have access to a lab, I wanted to see my results. Before I started taking it, I got my blood work done and my test was at a low level, and then I finished a bottle and it had gone up about 300 points. After I posted about this on social media, I got about 100 DMs asking about it. Within a month, it picked up. I tell people to be patient and don’t expect to see results the next day.

This narrative about testosterone, a lot of guys don’t talk about it.

A lot of guys are embarrassed about it, a lot of guys don’t want to go to the doctor. I have my issues but never be scared to make yourself a priority and take care of yourself. A lot of people are scared and don’t know whom to talk to or how to handle it.

The Importance of Giving Back

Brandon also discussed with us the importance of giving back. Brandon consistently donates to the Green Beret Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to honor Green Berets past and present, as well as their families, by connecting with resources to help them prosper and thrive.

Date February 11, 2022
Category Training