4-Week Training Plan for Ultimate Muscle Growth

By Team Cellucor

Muscle growth is never going to be a walk in the park. But by taking on this muscle-maximizing four-week plan that’ll cram every session with gut-busting intensity, you’re bound to see results. Grab that C4 Ultimate and get to work. 

The Ultimate Workout

Week 1-2

Rest 60 seconds between exercises

Day 1: Lower body

Front squat: Rest 60-90 secs between sets (2x10,8,6 reps)

5-sec eccentric Romanian deadlift: Rest 60 secs (2x6 reps)

Ultimate Tip: Eccentric Romanian deadlifts focus the movement on slow lowering vs. the lifting, which forces your hamstrings to work even harder to fight the force of gravity. 

Dumbbell front lunge: Rest 60 secs (2x10/leg reps)

Barbell hip press: Rest 60 secs (2x10 reps)

Standing calf press: Rest 60 secs (2x10 reps)


Day 2: Upper body

Bench press: Rest 60-90 secs between sets (2x10,8,6 reps)

Ultimate Tip: The good old bench is the best way to target chest muscles with heavy loads. We don't want to reinvent the wheel on this move. 

5-sec eccentric suspension row: Rest 60 secs (4x6 reps)

Half kneeling overhead press: Rest 60 secs (4x10/arm reps)

Ultimate Tip: Half-kneeling to execute an overhead press will keep your core locked tight as you work your shoulders and triceps as well as your abs.

Dumbbell Bent-over Row: Rest 60 secs (4x10/arm reps)

Push-up: Rest 90 secs (4x max reps) 

Day 3: Arms/abs

Straight-leg sit-up: Rest 60 secs between sets (3x20 reps)

5-sec eccentric barbell bicep curl: Rest 60 secs (3x6 reps)

Hanging knee raise: Rest 60 secs (3x20/leg reps)

Rope triceps press-down: Rest 60 secs (3x10 reps)

Plate lateral flexion: Rest 60 secs (3x12 reps)

Day 4: Lower body

Snatch-grip deadlift: Rest 60 secs between sets (2x10, 8, 6 reps)

5-sec eccentric dumbbell split: Rest 60 secs (4x6 reps)

Dumbbell reverse lunge: Rest 60 secs (4x10/leg reps)

Ultimate Tip: If you’re looking for big, strong legs then the lunge is your best friend. But this time, we want you to reverse the move. It improves focus on glutes, quads, and hamstrings AND puts less stress on knee joints than forward lunges.

Dumbbell single-leg deadlift: Rest 60 secs (4x10/leg reps)

Ultimate Tip: The dumbbell single-leg deadlift not only strengthens your glutes and hamstrings but also improves your balance.

50% 1-RM back squat: Rest 60 secs (3x max reps)

Day 5: Upper body

Chin-up: Rest 60-90 secs between sets (5x10 reps)

5-sec eccentric incline DB chest press: 60 secs (4x6 reps)

Neutral-grip dumbbell lateral raise: Rest 60 secs (4x10 reps)

Cable row: Rest 60 secs (4x10/arm reps)

Ultimate Tip: Cable rows improve overall balance and helps correct posture as it targets the middle and upper back. 

Cable chest fly: Rest 60 secs (4x10 reps)


Day 6: Arms/abs

Stability ball roll-out: Rest 60 secs between sets (3x12 reps)

5-sec eccentric BB triceps press: Rest 60 secs (3x6 reps)

Cable rotation: Rest 60 secs (3x12/side reps)

Dumbbell hammer curl: Rest 60 secs (3x10 reps)

Ultimate Tip: Dumbbell hammer curls use a neutral grip which places more emphasis on forearms, boosting the strength and size of these muscles, as well as the biceps. 

Wall press dead bug: Rest 60 secs (3x10/leg reps)

Ultimate tip: The wall press dead bug stimulates muscle growth in your abs and is one of the best exercises to activate core muscles.

Week 3-4

Rest 60 seconds between exercises

Day 1: Lower body

3-second isometric back squat (5x6 reps)

Romanian deadlift (4x8 reps)

Barbell step-up (4x8/leg reps)

Glute-ham raise (4x8 reps)

Seated calf press (4x12 reps)


Day 2: Upper body

3-sec isometric bench press (5x6 reps)

Single-arm suspension body row (4x8/arm reps)

Ultimate Tip: Single-arm rows challenge the core, arms and back and can be used to develop unilateral strength so you can build perfect symmetry on both sides. 

Overhead dumbbell press (4x8 reps)

Dumbbell bent-over row (4x8/arm reps)

Dumbbell chest press (4x8 reps)

Day 3: Upper body

Weighted straight-leg sit-up (3x15 reps)

BB bicep curl w/ three-second isometric 90° hold (3x6 reps)

Hanging leg raise (3x20 reps)

Cable triceps press-down (3x12 reps)

Farmer’s carry (3x40 yards)

Ultimate Tip: A farmer’s carry will build muscle in the upper back area and has been shown to stimulate a big hormonal response for muscle growth.

Day 4: Lower body

3-sec isometric deadlift (5x6 reps)

Double kettlebell front squat (4x8 reps)

Barbell reverse lunge (4x10/leg reps)

Dumbbell single-leg deadlift  (4x10/leg reps)

Dumbbell walking lunge  (3x20/leg reps)


Day 5: Upper body

Chin-up w 3-sec hold at top (5x6 reps)

Incline bench press (4x8 reps)

Dumbbell front raise  (4x8 reps)

Rope cable high row  (4x8 reps)

Dumbbell chest fly (4x12 reps)

Day 6: Arm/abs

Barbell roll-out (3x12 reps)

Rope triceps press w/ three-second 90 hold (3x6 reps)

Medicine-ball side throw (3x12/side reps)

Ultimate Tip: The medicine ball side throw increases rotational power and strength in the upper body and through the core as well as bettering shoulder and hip mobility. The bear crawl will give you a strong and stable core.

Cable biceps curl (3x12 reps)

Bear crawl (3x15 steps reps)

Ultimate Tip: Recovery is a huge deal when you are training for muscle growth. Make sure you are taking a protein supplement to help you recover from these intense workouts. 

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