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Travel Hacks to Stay In-Shape from Fitness Influencers

Whether you’re traveling for work or a vacation, it can seem challenging figuring out how to stay on track with your fitness goal while away from home. Traveling can mean a change to your regular schedule, no access to your normal gym, and eating out more often. But it doesn't mean that you can't exercise.

Exercising while traveling has several benefits: 

  • Improved Energy: Physical activity releases endorphins that can help boost your mood and leave you feeling energized. 
  • Falling Asleep: If exercise is part of your regular routine, continuing to work out even while traveling could help you maintain your normal sleeping patterns. Some people find it harder to sleep on days when they’re more sedentary, if they’re generally used to burning a lot of calories during their workouts. 
  • Maintenance of Fitness Level: While you won’t lose all your training gains and adaptations by taking a few days off, maintaining your fitness routine even while traveling can still be a big help. If you’ve got specific fitness goals and upcoming deadlines like a bodybuilding show or some other type of competition, incorporating exercise into your travel routine can help prevent any setbacks. 
  • Exploring Your Destination: Another advantage of exercising while you travel is that you get the opportunity to explore your travel destination. An outdoor workout gives you the opportunity to explore the sights and sounds around your new surroundings. And even an indoor workout in a new gym can offer you the opportunity to try new exercises or machines. 

Fortunately, we connected with some of our top influencers for tips on ways to stay consistent while traveling.

Be Proactive & Prepare

As the famous saying goes “...preparation is the key to success.” Being prepared for what you may encounter while traveling. This means knowing your itinerary, the gyms in your area, and your restaurant options. This information can help give you an idea of when you’ll be able to work out, what types of exercises you’ll be able to do, and your dining options.

I normally try to figure it out in advance, if where I'm staying there is a gym. Also depending on the event, how many practices there are, and how hectic the schedule is going to be. I try to stay on point during the whole season.” - Juani Zurita

Use my travel time to research gyms that will be close to me. Research the area.” - Thor Bradley

Take Daily Walks

Walking is an effective and low-impact way to burn calories while traveling. It’s also an easy activity to implement into your day, instead of using a taxi or driving a rental car, opt to walk to any nearby locations you have planned during your trip. If you’re in a new town, going outside and walking is an easy way to get your sightseeing in, while staying active.

To ensure I'm maintaining my fitness routine when traveling, I like to stay active in some capacity. Whether that's taking a walk outside or getting in a quick gym session.” - Tyanna Gold

It's ok to take some rest days, they're absolutely necessary. But while on vacation I try to walk as much as possible. If the hotel or the place where I'm staying has a gym, I try to go for at least an hour in the morning before starting the day.” -Paula Leyes

Plan one active adventure or walking-based activity a day. Keeping mobile is 99% of the battle to keep that water retention off and happy gut.” - Thor Bradley

Hotel-Friendly Gym Workouts

When it comes to the workouts that you’ll do while traveling, being flexible and minimalist with your program goes a long way. This means being comfortable with doing different style workouts, exercises, and using different equipment than what you typically do in your program. This is especially true if the only gym you have access to while traveling is a hotel gym, which generally will have less equipment that what you find in your normal gym.

I usually stick to bodyweight moments or something that requires a pair of dumbbells. I like to do HIIT workouts to burn fat & build lean muscle.” - Geroge Bamfo Jr

If my hotel has equipment, start every morning with at least 20 minutes of cardio. Most underrated way to get your system ready for fun OR work.” - Thor Bradley

Pick Healthy Meal Options

Unless you’re renting a house, or your hotel room has kitchen appliances, you’ll likely be eating out more often during vacations. Eating out doesn’t have to mean a cheat meal, at least not for every meal. Choose meals that resemble meals that you would normally eat at home. Since restaurants tend to serve larger serving sizes than what one would normally eat, be mindful of your portion sizes.

When going out for lunch or dinner try to pick the healthier options. Of course, while enjoying and having tasty food but trying to choose healthy options.” - Paula Leyes

Food is easy. You don't need meal prep. White rice, veggies and steamed chicken are available at every Chinese restaurant ever. 2 meals like that a day is a solid investment when you are traveling. If you include the continental breakfast with scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and fruit. You really only need a protein bar from the nearest gas station and whatever dinner you are looking forward to. This allows you to have fun, but also guarantees you get enough food in.” - Thor Bradley

Pack Your Supplements

So, what about supplements? If they’re a regular part of your routine, chances are you want to stay consistent with them just like you are with the rest of your program while traveling. If you’re bringing checked bags, it’s easy to just pack whatever powders or pill containers that you want to bring along with you.

If you’re doing carry-on or if your space is more limited with your checked bags, putting your pill products in specialized containers is an easy option. For powders, you can place them in marked containers, however if they’re more than 12 oz, the TSA recommends placing them in your checked bags. Or another option is picking up some supplements nearby wherever you’re staying.

You can find our supplements on our store locator, wherever your travels take you, C4 has your back.

Date July 18, 2022
Category Training