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This Beginner Barstarzz Calisthenics Workout Will Make You Sweat

Just because you don't have weights, that doesn't mean you can't have an awesome workout. Don't believe us? Try this full body beginner workout that you can do in or out of the gym.


Australian Pull Ups


Crouch down under a low bar with your body straight and your feet resting on the floor. Have your arms shoulder-width apart and pull your chest towards the bar while maintaining a straight body. Lower back down, this is one rep. Think of a pull up with your feet still on the ground.

Bench Dips

10 reps

Sit down on the bench and place both your hands next to your hips. Keeping your arms straight, walk your feet out forward and move your bottom from the bench. Your heels should be on the floor and your hands on the bench behind you. Bend your elbows so your chest gets around bench level then return to the top for one rep.

Jumping Squats

10 reps

Place your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees to under a 90 degree angle while sitting back into your heels. Then proceed to raise back up with speed with at the very top of the motion, letting your feet escape the ground for a jump. Land again at the bottom of the squat position as to cushion the force coming down.

Push Ups

10 reps

Place your hands shoulder width apart. Feet together and back straight. Bending your elbows in then lower your self to about 6 inches off the ground then back up. If you find this difficult, try the same thing but with your knees on the floor.

Repeat 4x

No rest between each exercise. At the end of the complete set (all the exercises done), rest for 1-2 minutes then repeat again. As you get stronger, substitute the exercises with more difficult progressions. For example, instead of push ups you can move up to diamond push ups while keeping the same format of the routine. Train hard! Eventually you'll get strong enough to hit the bars! 

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Date December 02, 2021
Category Training