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Make Exercise a Daily Habit: Supplements & Tips to Stay Consistent

Do you look at fitness and health influencers on Social Media and think “they make it look so easy! How do you do that?!” To many of us, it can feel very overwhelming, if not unattainable, when you hear of all things “healthy” people do in a day. So many things to do and keep track of; it is paralyzing at first glance. The reality is, it’s not as scary and hard as it sounds!

What we know: It takes 21-28 days to build a habit and the best path to sustainable results toward any goal is consistency.

Kickstart With One Goal

The largest step is the first. Start with one and focus on getting daily consistency. Below are some key building blocks toward a healthier lifestyle.

  • Drink a gallon of water daily. Get bored of water easily? Add BCAAs to add flavor and make your goal of 1 gallon a day much easier!
  • Daily Movement (Ex. 8-10k Steps a day, stretching, lifting, dancing in the mirror when cleaning the house)
  • Hit Your Daily Protein Goal 

Add More Goals Along the Way

Once the first goal transforms to habit, add one or two more.

Ex. Now that you’ve hit a gallon of water a day consistently, add your 10k steps goal.

Build On Existing Habits & Lifestyle

Studies show that building habits are more attainable and sustainable when partnered with an existing habit! Ex. (New Habit) I will drink 12 oz of water before my morning coffee (existing habit).

Keep Track, Even When You Fall Off

When you do fall off track, just get right back to plan. There is no “fixing” your last choice, only improving your next.

Learn Each Step of the Way

Have you ever had a goal that you wanted so badly but didn’t know how to start and then even when you did start, you were unable to keep it up leaving you feeling like you “failed”? I put “failed” in quotations because it is commonly used to describe these obstacles. However, these aren’t failures, they are lessons. Ask yourself: how can I put these lessons to use?

Maximize Your Potential

Cellucor is your partner to help you reach consistency in your health and fitness journey. With an array of products that have multi-functional benefits, Cellucor‘s healthy energy alternatives are made with clean, quality ingredients to meet all your mental and physical needs so you can stay focused and push full steam ahead. But it doesn’t stop there! It is also important to recognize the importance of recovery when prioritizing healthy habits.

When we hit the deck after a hard workout, Cellucor’s Whey Protein is an easy way to aid in muscle recovery in your post workout meal.

Cellucor's BCAA & Amino Powders add flavor to your hydration routine and make this key habit of drinking water always exciting and tasty. As key staples to ensure optimal recovery, they help you start each day fresh and ready to keep building habits and smashing goals.

Practicing mindfulness, allowing grace, and creating affirmations of gratitude toward yourself and your body are great tools to keep your mindset on growth as opposed to dwelling on something you can not change. Try these tips and watch yourself bloom: You got this!

Date April 04, 2022
Category Training