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by Jen Jewell August 10, 2017

Both the treadmill and the bike are universal pieces of cardio equipment found in even the most basic of gyms.

Often, my clients ask me, "Which machine is better for a cardio workout?"

Both machines deserve credit for improving cardio fitness, but let's take a closer look at each. 


The treadmill is an excellent piece of cardio equipment because you can control your speed and incline to match your fitness level. Unless you intentionally change the intensity, it will remain the same throughout your workout, forcing you to keep up your pace and preventing you from mindlessly slowing your run.

Not a runner? Not a problem. Walking on a treadmill can torch just as many calories as running at a moderate pace would, as long as you crank up the incline. In addition to promoting endurance, walking on an incline also targets your glutes and hamstrings for an extra lower body benefit. 


The bike can be a very effective form of cardio—whether you’re in the gym on a stationary bike, or outside on the open road. However, the stationary bike is easy to skimp on intensity. More often than not, I see people aimlessly pedaling away while they read a newspaper. Their workouts look lifeless and they barely break a sweat. Although you can adjust the resistance level on the bike, your speed is directly related to how hard you push. 

That being said, a low-intensity bike workout certainly has its time and place, especially if you are recovering from an injury, or are brand new to the gym. 

Intensity and Time 

Both the time you spend working out and the intensity with which you work out should be high priorities when choosing a cardio machine. You always want to be as effective as possible in your workouts. Regardless of which machine you choose, you must challenge yourself. I'm talking elevated heart rate, sweat, and an inability to have a full conversation. 

In closing, if you hate the treadmill, or can’t stand the bike, go with the machine that you prefer. Just push yourself. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you spent 60 minutes on a cardio machine that you burned a ton of calories.

Check yourself after 5-10 minutes. Are you feeling out of breath, or are you going for a leisurely stroll?

If you notice you are slacking, kick it up a notch!


Jen Jewell is the bubbly meets badass fitness personality who takes a versatile “fun with fitness” approach to training. Although she is a fitness pro, she isn’t overly restrictive with her nutrition and workouts. She loves yoga, hiking, and outdoor workouts. She actively coaches people around the world who want to get healthy and fit. Follow Jen on  her journey. 

Jen Jewell
Jen Jewell

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