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3 Exercises for Ankle Mobility

Poor ankle mobility can hinder your ability to push big weights, run longer distances, or perform your best on the field. We connected with strength and conditioning coach Luka Hocevar to get his tips for increasing ankle mobility. 


Ankle Wall Sit


3-4 sets x 10 seconds

For this ankle wall sit, I’m going to go down as far as I can against the wall and have it be my support, but I want my heels on the ground. And from there I’m going to try and lift my feet up. I won’t be able to do it but I’m going to try it, even if I lean forward. I’m going to try to lift them up for 10 seconds. I push my knees forward and try to bring my feet up. Then I relax and try again to bring my feet up while pushing my knees forward. Your muscles on your upper shin will be burning and we’ll be working our ankle mobility.

2-Up Calf Raise


2 sets x 10 reps each side

I’m going to go up with 2 feet and control my descent down for 3-4 seconds with one foot, then I hold the stretch at the bottom for 5 seconds. And then I go back up again with two feet and control my descent with one. Try to get a big stretch during the 5 seconds you’re holding at the bottom. I’m going to repeat this on each side and do 2 sets.

FHL Calf Raises

2 sets x 20 reps

We’re going to work the muscle that goes into the big toe. I’m going to drive back and get a big stretch here. This helps me get some mobility in my ankles. I push up into my big toes as far as I can and then control the descent. This gives me a big stretch at the bottom. Then I repeat this process and push up again and control down. If you want to make it harder, just go single leg.


Date April 20, 2023
Category Training