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What is BetaPower Betaine? Scientific Studies & Benefits

Key BetaPower® Betaine Benefits

  • BetaPower®, naturally derived betaine from beets, helps maintain muscle cell hydration.
  • BetaPower®, naturally derived betaine from beets, helps maintain cellular hydration within the muscle during periods of intense stress.
  • BetaPower®, naturally derived betaine from beets, helps maintain cellular hydration within the muscle during times of hypertonic stress.

What is BetaPower®?

BetaPower® is an amino acid derived from the molasses of sugar beets, it’s a purified form of betaine anhydrous. BetaPower® is a premium form of betaine that is patented and has a purity of 99%. Another name for betaine is trimethylglycine, it gets this name because its chemical structure resembles the amino acid glycine with three attached methyl groups.

The key physiological functions of betaine in the body include 1) acting as a methyl donor, where it donates its methyl groups to chemical reactions 2) acting as an osmolyte, where it regulates water balance in cells.

The Science on BetaPower®

Researchers have investigated the effects of betaine supplementation on athletic performance and body composition in numerous clinical trials.

Betaine and Athletic Performance

Research on the effects of betaine supplementation and athletic performance have been mixed. With some research showing betaine supplementation to have beneficial effects on sprint performance, work capacity, muscular endurance, and power. [1,2,3,4,5] While other studies evaluating the effects of betaine supplementation on athletic performance found no difference from placebo. [6,7]

In a systematic review on betaine supplementation and athletic performance, the authors concluded that while only a few studies showed a beneficial effect, the results from the positive studies (increases of up to 24.61% on strength and power) warrant further research into betaine supplementation. The authors noted that betaine supplementation seems to work best under conditions of cellular stress, like during high-intensity exercise programs.[8]

Betaine and Body Composition

Research on the effects of betaine supplementation on body composition has generally found it to have a positive effect in the form of reduced body fat mass and increased muscle size. [9,10]

A systematic review on the effects of betaine supplementation and body composition found it to be effective for significantly reducing body fat mass and body fat %.[11]

How BetaPower® Works

The exact mechanism betaine works through isn’t precisely known; however, its benefits are likely to be due to its ability to impact some of the following pathways:

Betaine could potentially increase performance through 1) increased creatine production, by acting as a methyl donor 2) increased nitric oxide levels 3) acting as an osmoprotectant, by protecting cellular hydration and maintaining fluid balance.

Betaine could potentially support improved body composition through 1) increased lipolysis (breakdown of fat) 2) increased fatty acid oxidation (fat burning) 3) increased protein synthesis.

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Date July 12, 2022
Category Supplementation