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How to Stack Supplements for Your Goals

Learn how you can power up your results by stacking supplements for your workout goals.

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If you’re new to taking supplements, a term you may have heard advanced supplement users talk about is stacking supplements. They may have been talking about taking supplement stacks alongside their muscle building or fat loss program. Or perhaps they were discussing which combination of supplements made for a more powerful stack.

We’re going to bring you up to speed on the basics of supplement stacking, the most common types of supplement stacks, and provide some guidance that can help you choose a stack that fits your goals. 


What is a supplement stack?

A supplement stack is a combination of two or more products, the goal of taking a supplement stack is to strategically combine products to help you towards a specific goal. Supplement stacks are taken daily as part of a fitness routine, they can include powders, capsules, and RTDs (ready to drink).

What are the benefits of stacking supplements?

The benefit of stacking supplements is that you may be able to unlock ingredient synergies between products. A synergistic effect occurs when the combined effects of two or more ingredients is greater than what their effects would be taken on their own. As an example, research has shown creatine and beta-alanine to have an additive effect for building muscle and reducing body fat compared to creatine taken alone.[1]

The strategic stacking of supplements can be beneficial for allowing certain ingredients to work together across different pathways to maximize your goals. Our bodies have physiological pathways which are like freeways where signals can flow for specific outcomes to occur like muscle contraction or vasodilation (the widening of our blood vessels), sometimes our bodies may have multiple pathways (or freeways) to take us where we want to go. An example of this is the 2-in-1 super ingredient NO3-C Citrulline Nitrate that we use in many of our formulas. Citrulline can increase plasma arginine levels which leads to increased nitric oxide levels while Nitrate can be broken down to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide supports increased vasodilation which can help you achieve major muscle pumps. So, an ingredient like NO3-C Citrulline Nitrate works across two different pathways to support muscle pumps.


What are some of the most common supplement stacks?

The most common supplement stacks are built to support body composition and performance goals. The two most common supplement stacks for body composition are those designed to support increased muscle mass and those to support increased fat burning. The most common supplement stacks for performance are built to support performance in the short term during your peri-workout window (before, during, and after a workout) or for longer-term performance goals (like increased strength or muscular endurance).


Peri-Workout PDP (Pre, During, Post Workout) Stacks

The PDP stack is built around providing your body with key ingredients around your workout window. It consists of a pre-workout (P), that you take before your workout to elevate your energy. A supplement you take during your workout (D), this product should provide your body with fuel while you work out and support increased hydration. And a post-workout (P), that you take after a workout to support muscle recovery.

Which PDP Stack is for You?

Muscle Building Stack: If your goal is to build and maintain lean muscle, then the Muscle Building Stack is where it’s at. Not only will you have the essentials; you’ll have the best of the best! With top picks from elite-level athletes and competitors, the Muscle Building Bundle fuels your performance before, during, and after the gym. 

Sadik Bulking Stack: With energy, strength, and clinically studied doses of BCAAs, these go-to’s are ready to take your results to the next level. Power up with C4 Original + COR Creatine Monohydrate, a pair that’s optimized for energy, strength, and lean muscle. Fuel up during your workouts with XTEND Elite, the stim-free legend for power output, endurance, and priming your body for recovery. And finally, you’ve got 25g of high-quality isolate protein + added BCAAs in every scoop of XTEND Pro. The perfect tasting protein to take by itself or mixed into your favorite high-calorie shakes.


Muscle Building Stacks

Muscle building stacks are built around optimizing the results from your resistance training program. Muscle building stacks will commonly feature ingredients to support increased strength, muscle protein synthesis, and recovery. These stacks will feature supplements you take around your workout window as well as supplements you can take anytime of the day.

Which Muscle Building Stack is for You?

Muscle Up Stack: Gets your goals in gear with full-on energy, strength, amplified pumps, plus tasty lean protein to keep your muscles fed. 

Power Moves Stack: Harnesses the strength, pumps and protein—with an extra kick of energy, and muscle-building BCAAs from Alpha Amino Ultimate + C4 Extreme.

Sadik Advanced Bulking Stack: More creatine, more pumps, more endurance, and MORE RESULTS! Dial up your training with C4 Ultimate + COR Creatine Monohydrate, giving you ultimate energy, ultimate pumps, and three forms of creatine for serious bulking power. With the power of XTEND Elite during your training, you’ve got all the ingredients to support power output and recovery from the heavy weights. Add in 5lbs of 100% whey isolate from XTEND Pro, and you’ve got the entire arsenal to pack on some serious muscle


Fat Burner Stacks

Effective fat loss programs rely on caloric deficits, the overall goal is to burn more calories than you consume. Fat-burning stacks are designed to help ramp up your metabolism. By elevating your metabolism you’re able to burn a few more calories which can help contribute to the overall net caloric deficit that you’re looking to achieve. 

Which Fat Burner Stack is for You?

Fat Burners Stack: Ace your weight loss goals with the energy, metabolism, and fat-burning of SuperHD combined with the toning & sculpting amplifier of CLK

Ripped & Recovered: Takes it to the next level with the sugar-free recovery and hydration of Alpha Amino.

Ripped, Recovered & Loaded: Brings in the ultimate energy and weight loss pre-workout with C4 Ultimate Shred!  


Athletic Performance Stacks

Athletic performance stacks are designed to help you elevate your game. Whether it’s energy before you step on the court, hydration during WOD, or recovery after a long cycle, these stacks are focused on helping you perform.  

Which Athletic Performance Stack is for You?

Stimulant-Free NSF Stack: Our Sport Recovery Bundle is a complete post and anytime workout stack featuring BCAA Sport and Whey Sport. It's a fitness support system that delivers BCAAs for recovery and clean whey protein for muscle repair, recovery, and growth. This is our NSF-Certified For Sport® line, which means it's third-party certified and safe for athletes. 

NSF Athlete Stack: Our Sport Bundle is a complete pre, post, and anytime workout stack featuring C4 Sport, BCAA Sport, and Whey Sport. It's a complete fitness support system that delivers explosive energy, legendary performance, BCAAs for recovery, and clean whey protein for muscle repair, recovery, and growth. This is our NSF-Certified For Sport® line, which means it's third-party certified and safe for athletes. 

Fully Loaded: Comes loaded with next-level energy, performance, tasty protein, and the sugar-free hydration and recovery of Alpha Amino.


Testosterone Booster Stacks

Testosterone booster stacks are designed for healthy males looking to support healthy testosterone levels already within the normal range. These stacks are built to boost testosterone, support strength, and increase vitality.

Which Testosterone Booster Stack is for You?

Performance and Test Booster Stack: Covers all your bases with performance options, mind and body fuel with C4 Ultimate, plus testosterone support for males. 

Male Muscle and Test Booster Stack: Amplifies strength and performance for powerful gains alongside testosterone support for males. And with C4 Ultimate, you’ve got the most explosive pre-workout to power through. 

Male Muscle Stack: Get a dose of delicious, sugar-free performance energy anytime you need it with C4 Energy. Support healthy testosterone levels with the legendary P6 Ultimate. Supercharge your workouts with the explosive energy, pumps, and performance of C4 Ultimate. Fuel your recovery game and fat-loss efforts with the stim-free formula of XTEND Ripped.




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