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The Power of Hydration: Proven Benefits of Staying Hydrated

By Gabe Rivera

Hydration is often overlooked. It’s not something that we often think about until we’re very thirsty. Why would we write an article on hydration if it wasn’t a big deal, right? Once you learn the importance of electrolytes and proper hydration, you’ll never look at it the same way again.

Hydration doesn’t just mean “I’m not thirsty, so I’m hydrated”, it goes beyond that and we’re going to loop you into all the details in this article.

Bolsters Physical Performance

When it comes to physical performance, hydration is extremely important. Water makes up almost 80% of our muscles, and if you aren’t hydrated properly, your physical performance will suffer dramatically. Without enough water, you’ll feel unmotivated, tired, and your body temperature may change. All of this can impact your performance, especially if you want to exercise intensely to reach your biggest goals. What’s the way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you? It’s all about hydration.

Reduced total body water can negatively impact strength, muscular power, and endurance. In fact, hypohydration can reduce high intensity endurance by as much as 10%. [1]

Supports Brain Power & Energy

Did you also know that your brain is thirsty for hydration? Losing 1-2% of your body’s weight in water can bring upon physical fatigue. A study in the Journal of Family Practice found that drinking water improved Migraine-Specific Quality of Life in men that regularly experienced headaches. The research showed that 47% of the men who drank more water claimed headache improvement compared to 25% of the men in the control group.[2]

Aids in Joint & Muscle Function

A significant portion of the human body is made up of water, from our skeletal muscle to our organs. And these tissues, like our brain, play important roles by sending signals throughout our body. There are various ways water loss can occur, ranging from sweating due to physical activity to other aspects of daily living.

If we’re improperly hydrated, we can feel these symptoms in many ways including achy body parts from a lack of synovial fluid in our joints. Synovial fluid is the liquid between our joints that provides cushion and reduces friction when we move.

Electrolyte Replenishment & Balance

Another important piece to the hydration puzzle is electrolytes, these are minerals that play important roles in the body ranging from helping to regulate fluid balance to muscle contraction. When we exercise, especially if it’s done intensely and, in the heat, we lose key electrolytes. So it's important to include electrolytes in any efficient hydration plan.

Tips for Improving & Staying Hydrated

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Infused Flavors with Recovery Support

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High Levels of Amino Acids = Less Muscle Breakdown

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How to Maintain Your Electrolytes

And with XTEND’s powerful blend of electrolytes, you can help your body maintain key minerals lost in sweat during high-intensity training. Experience a science-backed blend of amino acids and electrolytes to help you hydrate and recover with ease.*

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Date April 27, 2022
Category Recovery