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PeakO2 and CarnoSyn: All-Star Ingredients in XTEND Elite

By: Eric Botsford

Have you ever come across a product that, once you try it, you can't live without? You know, something that really works for your goals, needs, or lifestyle? I recently had that experience with XTEND® Elite. I was blown away by the effects I experienced the first time I used a tub of the elite recovery and endurance supplement, which features 7 grams of BCAAs and two all-star ingredients: PeakO2® and CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine.

I am a holistic and natural training proponent, so I'm very selective about the supplements I use. If there are too many ingredients in a product, or too many things I don't recognize, then I simply don't take it. But I’ve done research over the years on the power of adaptogens (like those in PeakO2®) and how they can have a positive effect on your endocrine system. Your endocrine system, in a nutshell, affects hormone function, which impacts sleep, stress levels, your immune system, and more.

The Awesome Power of Adaptogens

According to Compound Solutions, the makers of PeakO2®, “PeakO2® is a blend of six Ayurvedic mushroom varieties grown and harvested right here in the United States. These six mushrooms act as powerful adaptogens in the body, enabling athletes to adapt and overcome all sorts of physical, emotional, and psychological stressors. The end result is greater endurance, stamina, and all-around performance, allowing you to get a leg up on the competition.”

Having support from this powerful adaptogenic ingredient blend has helped me recover more efficiently. As a power-focused athlete, I train in phases. Certain times of the year, I’m lifting and sprinting, but at other times I push my body to perform at peak aerobic levels for upwards of 20 minutes at 80% effort. That’s a lot of stress on the body.

Let’s take one of my lift days, for example. I have found that the PeakO2® in XTEND® Elite boosts my oxygen uptake, priming my body so that I can hit the gym floor with max blood and oxygen flow to the muscles for short and intense bursts of energy.

Beta-Alanine Boost

It’s also worth noting that XTEND® Elite has 1.6g per serving of CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, which has been shown to support an increase in muscle carnosine levels. When muscle carnosine levels are high, you’re much more able to push through fatigue. For instance, I pay close attention to my work-rest intervals, and I've noticed a positive difference in sustained output when my intervals are over five minutes. Additionally, I’ve found that my recovery doesn’t decline after 5-7 sets of 0:90-3:00 minute sprints, which it once did.

It’s no secret that proper recovery is critical for peak performance and sustained results. Like everyone else, I don’t want to have to drag myself to the gym because I’m still too worn out from my last training session. In addition, on my days off from the gym, I want to have enough physical and mental motivation to get outdoors do some climbing, cliff jumping, surfing, and trail running. That’s what XTEND® Elite has helped me do, and that's what recovery is all about!

Date April 27, 2022
Category Recovery