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Juneteenth Spotlight - Tyanna Gold

As an engineer, fitness model, and competitor, Tyanna Gold embodies the XTEND® Champion. As part of our celebration of Juneteenth, we were fortunate to sit down with Tyanna to talk about her journey and share her story

Since a young age I’ve always had this drive in me for excellence.

I would describe myself as a passionate, driven, and hard-working person. When I reached the end of high school, I felt pressured to figure out exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Even though I worked so hard, I struggled finding my calling. I’m a naturally curious person, so I did some investigation of myself. First, I started to think about what I’m good at and what would be sustainable in the long run. I was a studious person and naturally talented in math and science. So, with a little guidance from my parents, I decided to pursue engineering in college.

My whole college experience turned out to be a struggle, though. I went from an A/B student to a C student, but I was determined that no matter how challenge it was for me, I was going to finish and complete my degree. Competing as a bodybuilder really taught me that discipline, to apply myself and stay on track. I learned firsthand that hard work really does pay off. And I did graduate! I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. My biggest struggle also turned out be my biggest achievement.

Aside from my natural predisposition to math and science and commitment to hard work that I learned from bodybuilding, I also have my parents to thank for the person I turned out to be. They raised me to be independent and to always go after what I want. In that spirit, I thank them for helping set me up for success. In honor of today, Juneteenth, I also celebrate my ancestors because they paved the way for my generation.

Carrying on their legacy, I’d like to think that I can be a role model for young girls who want to pursue careers in STEM or anyone trying to start a fitness journey while living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I’m inspired to always chase my dreams and aspirations and hope to, in kind, inspire others. Yes, there will be struggles along the way, but we must never stop trying for the things we truly want in life.

Date April 27, 2022
Category Recovery