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How Sadik Uses XTEND Pro Protein

IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic built his legendary physique through hard work and a dedicated approach to recovery. One of the principles that have helped Sadik do this is the consistent consumption of the right amount of protein, year round. We connected with Sadik to discuss his protein intake, the benefits of protein powders, and his favorite XTEND Pro flavors.

How does protein help you perform your best?

Protein is the building block of muscle.

Does how you take protein change based on your goals and If so how?

I keep my protein intake at 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight all year round.

What advice would you give someone who doesn’t understand the benefits of protein?

Your body needs protein in order to maintain and repair muscle tissue. If you want to get the most out of your training you should supplement with the best.

Why do you supplement your diet with protein?

Fast absorbing, convenient, and very cost effective per serving.

What benefits do you notice from supplementing protein into your diet?

Faster recovery and muscle growth

What should someone look for in their protein product?

No artificial flavors!

How do you use XTEND Pro protein in your regiment?

Post workout, nighttime snack, or as a meal replacement if I am running short on time.

What do you LOVE about XTEND Pro?

Tastes great, never bloats my stomach like many other protein powders on the market and it has 7g of BCAA to help jump start my recovery process.

I been taking XTEND products for over a decade now and I have really grown to know and trust them.

What is your favorite flavor of XTEND Pro?

Chocolate lava cake tastes amazing!

Date April 27, 2022
Category Recovery