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Sadik Home Gym & Kitchen Tour

Getting the success you want requires hard work in the gym and dedication in the kitchen. Building the right environment at home sets you up with the necessary tools to stay on track. When it comes to getting consistent results, 4x world champion Sadik Hadzovic knows how to get it done. We were lucky enough to get a VIP tour of Sadik’s gym, home, and kitchen to learn how the champ stays in shape year-round.

Inside Sadik's Home Gym Equipment

My favorite room in the house is my garage home gym setup. This is where I come to relieve stress, record content, and take progress photos.

The most important piece in this room is the squat rack. If you’re getting one piece of equipment for your home gym, it has to be a squat rack. Make sure you invest in a good barbell. I use a Gungnir barbell, it comes from Norway and is one of the coolest barbells I’ve ever seen because it has the clips built in. My squat rack also has numbers built in, my wife and I use the setup and we know what heights to keep the set up at.

Next is my dumbbell section, it’s always growing, right now I have 5-50lbs. I’m looking to invest and always go heavier and heavier but with these bad boys alone I can get a sick workout.

I’ve got a cable unit from Tuff Stuff Fitness, it very durable and commercial grade quality. My cable unit has a smith machine component, so if I don’t have anyone to spot me, I can still do smith machine presses. I think a cable unit isn’t complete without an awesome set of attachments. I like my attachments from Spiral Strength, they’re really good on the joints especially the elbows. I have some golf ball looking attachments that are great for working grip strength. If you have a cable unit, make sure to get yourself some cool attachments as well.

You typically don’t see leg presses at home gyms but I’m not the typical person. I wanted to go above and beyond. Tuff Stuff, hooked it up with this unit and customized it for me with a customized lever so that I can roll up the seat and drive my car in when the weather is bad.

I’ve got a spin bike in case I want to do cardio. The spin bike is my favorite piece of cardio equipment. I got my spin bike from Amazon for relatively cheap. Another thing I got from Amazon was an EZ bar curl and a bin of accessories: an arm blaster, ab wheel, belts, and all sorts of other attachments. I have everything for a total body workout.

Being a bodybuilder, we’re always looking at our form in the mirror and being critical of ourselves. When I’m posing, I can actually see my back. Leading up to a show, I can see what’s going on. And the lighting helps to accentuate my physique. I’ve also got rubber floors, so when the baby is upstairs sleeping, I’m not making all this noise and messing up the foundation.

And no gym is finished without a good Ol’ American flag.

Inside Sadik's Kitchen & Meal Prep Essentials

The gym is my favorite room in the house, my second favorite spot is the kitchen. Being a professional bodybuilder, you know I’m eating at least six meals per day. I have all my meals weighed out and stacked up so I can grab and go when I’m in a rush. Some fruits I like are pineapple and strawberries. I have some filet mignon, I’m a meat eater, I love my red meat. I have my favorite energy drink, C4 Energy, my wife and I actually argue about which flavor is better strawberry or cherry. I also have Seltzer waters, peanut butter because I love my fats, and egg whites, they’re very convenient. The worst thing is buying vegetables and having them go bad quickly, I keep my vegetables frozen, I eat my greens daily.

Sadik's 5 Muscle Building Supplements

My favorite cabinet in the house is the supplement cabinet, I’m fully stocked, I’m a supplement fiend.

Starting with my pre-workouts, C4 Ultimate and C4 Dynasty, which is absolutely nuts.

I’ve got XTEND Original, the best tasting BCAA recovery and rehydration product ever. Freedom Ice flavor is my favorite of XTEND Original.

I’ve got COR-Performance Creatine, I take 5 g a day.

I’ve got XTEND Pro, of course. And my very own, Chef Physique protein bars.


Top Supplement & Stacks for Muscle Growth

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Date December 02, 2021
Category Nutrition