Cellucor C4 Energy XTEND

Pre-Workout Ingredients: C4 On The Go

C4® On the Go (OTG) is the best tasting pre-workout drink for your busy lifestyle - packing the best pre-workout ingredients for your fitness journey.

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You’ve seen Cellucor’s C4 Energy (Non-Carbonated)  in your gym’s refrigerator. Now, find out exactly what makes this convenient pre-workout the right drink for your busy lifestyle.

Search for a reliable, affordable, GMP-compliant, clinically- studied, ready-to-drink pre-workout and you’ll definitely run across Cellucor C4 Non-Carbonated. While most gym-goers have heard of the product, many don’t actually know what the pre-workout ingredients do.

Read on to learn more about the main pre-workout ingredients in C4 Energy—a quick solution to tiredness that improves performance at any time of the day.

Pre-Workout Ingredients


In one 12oz bottle of C4 Energy, there is 200mg of caffeine, a stimulant found in chocolate, coffee, tea, over-the-counter medications and other foods.

After oral ingestion, caffeine is 99% absorbed within 45 minutes by the gastrointestinal tract, according to a review in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. For this reason, research on caffeine’s effect on athletic performance has primarily been in the areas of running and cycling. Specifically, a 2010 Journal of Sports Sciences study found that caffeine improved cycling performance compared to a placebo.

Another study found experienced cyclists were able to ride faster for 60 minutes at 75% of peak power output in 95 degrees Fahrenheit compared to cyclists that weren’t stimulated. Other studies have found improved reaction time, mental clarity, and focus in strength-athletes that take caffeine. This improved alertness can also come with a better tolerance for pain.

For healthy adults, the 200mg in C4 Energy is enough to provide focus and endurance benefits. Overall, the caffeine in C4 Energy is a dose that serves the CrossFitter, obstacle course racer, runner, cyclist, multi-sport athlete, and weightlifter equally well. Plus, C4 Energy can replace coffee for the day, for swamped office workers looking for an extra kick. 

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is a nonessential amino acid (meaning our bodies can produce it) but it can also be found in protein-packed foods like beef, chicken, pork, and fish.

Beta alanine is a precursor to carnosine, which buffers hydrogen ions within muscle cells. This buffering results in a fatigue-fighting effect since the muscles are able to contract for longer/more efficiently.

According to a 2014 review in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, there are studies that found beta alanine may increase power output and working capacity, decrease the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, and have a positive effect on body composition and carnosine content.

Beta alanine is one of the few ingredients in any C4 product that elicits a physical feeling—if you feel a tingling sensation in your lips, face or even fingertips, it’s a harmless effect of beta alanine. 

Beta alanine works best where large muscles are contracting quickly, like when running sprints, wrestling, high-intensity cycling (yes, spin class), and Olympic weightlifting. Having this ingredient in C4 Energy supports optimal training capacity and may give you the extra edge you need during your toughest workouts.


N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is a modified version of L-Tyrosine, that makes it more soluble and potentially bioavailable. Its primary benefits are for mood, stress, and cognitive performance. Tyrosine is an amino acid that’s a precursor to dopamine, which regulates feelings of pleasure in our brains.

According to a 2010 European Journal of Applied Physiology study, oral supplementation with tyrosine improves cycling performance in the heat. Moderately trained athletes were able to cycle longer compared to a placebo after taking 150mg of tyrosine per kg of body weight. Tyrosine plays a role in providing a better mood, which may result in getting more out of your workouts.

C4 Energy is the only supplement you need to take before your next challenge. Overall, C4 Energy is a gym bag essential, desk cabinet must-have and at-home refrigerator staple designed to help push you through the demands of an active, multitasking lifestyle.


Mark Barroso is an NSCA-CPT, Spartan SGX Coach, editor/writer for Men's HealthMuscle & Fitness MagazineFitness Magazine and Men's Fitness.