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Maria Moda Full Day of Eating: High Protein Meals + Snacks

We connected with Maria Moda to see how she fuels up during a full day of eating. 

AM Pick-Me-Up: Hot Water and Lemon

The very first thing I do upon waking up, before I eat anything or drink my coffee, is make some hot water with lemon. This helps kick start my digestion, hydrates the body, and supports my liver. 


  • 2 slices Ezekiel Bread 
  • 2 Fried Eggs 
  • 1 tbsp veggie Ketchup  

I used to eat oatmeal before I trained, and I noticed that I just felt full and heavy. I had a hard time training because I felt like all I was doing was digesting. I wanted to try and find something that was a little easier on my stomach and didn’t make me feel so full. I love Ezekiel bread, it’s flourless, has legumes, sprouted grains, and no preservatives, so I keep it in the freezer to stop if from molding. I add pink salt to this meal, I try to add a little to each one of my meals to stay hydrated. And I add this no-sugar ketchup to my egg sandwich.  


Mid-Morning Snack

My favorite post-workout meal is protein oatmeal. I like to use rolled oats because they’re less processed and have higher fiber content. I blend the oats so it’s a fine consistency and put them in a pot. I add a 1/8 tsp of pink salt, powdered stevia, and cinnamon. I stir every minute so that it stays even, doesn’t stick, and has a nice consistency. I also have COR-Performance Glutamine with my post-workout meal to help with recovery. This has been a crucial supplement for me while I’ve been trying to build my lower body. I add one scoop to my water and sip on it while I eat my oatmeal. I let the oatmeal cool for about 2-3 minutes before I add the protein, so it doesn’t get cooked. I like using XTEND Pro because it has branched chain amino acids in it and it tastes delicious.  


  • 4 oz Basa Fish 
  • Zucchini Pasta 
  • Spicy Marinara 

I’m going to make a quick marinara sauce and put it on top of my pasta. You don’t need to eat clean, boring, bland food. You can have spices like marinara sauce. I splice garlic and onions, and let it cook until the onions are translucent. I add sea salt and crushed red pepper because I like my sauce to be a little spicy. I like to use whole peeled tomatoes because it makes the sauce a little chunky and it gives the sauce a little more substance when I’m eating something bland like fish. In order to make zucchini pasta, you need to peel off the skin and then spiralize it. I cook the zucchini first because it takes me longer to sauté, then the fish, and then the sauce.  

Mid-Afternoon Snack

  • ½ Bartlett Pear 
  • ½ Fuji Apple 
  • ½ Yellow Apple 

I stopped eating chicken and meat about 3 years ago and it was really hard to figure out what to have in place of those proteins in my meal. Although this isn’t protein, it’s been a great meal replacement for me. Apples and pears are low glycemic, they have a lot of fiber. I mix pears and apples, it’s a very enjoyable meal for me.  

Last High Protein Meal of the Day

If you’re someone like me who loves desserts and sweets, this is going to be your new favorite meal to the end the night. I have this literally every night. It’s a protein pancake. I use the XTEND Pro, some baking powder, almond milk, and egg whites. I’ve been making this for so long I don’t weigh the egg whites anymore. I mix the batter to a nice consistency and let it cook for about a minute. I have fat left in my diet today, so I spread some peanut butter on one half of the pancake. I have this as the last meal of the day and watch tv, it’s all about enjoyment for me, I look forward to it every night.  


Maria’s Full Day of Eating Stack

COR-Performance Glutamine: Glutamine, the most common amino acid found in muscle tissue, is a conditionally essential amino acid. Consumption of Glutamine after heavy exercise supports replenishment of glutamine concentration. Glutamine is naturally found in foods like meat and eggs; however, supplementation may support maximizing performance. 

XTEND Pro: Featuring 25g of Whey Isolate and 7g total BCAAs per serving, XTEND Pro takes muscle repair and recovery to the next level. With delicious gluten-free flavors, and two third-party certifications, it's no wonder that XTEND Pro is the protein choice of champions! 

Date May 25, 2022
Category Nutrition