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How Derek Bogner uses Cellucor Whey Sport

We connected with Derek Bogner to discuss the benefits of protein, his advice for beginners curious about protein powders, and favorite Cellucor Whey Sport protein recipes.

How does protein help you perform your best?

Protein keeps me FUELED throughout my day. Not only to optimize muscle growth, but to execute at a high level each and every day building my career and life!

Proteins are not only the building blocks for muscle growth, but also for life! Keep it going, keep it growing!

How do you use protein in your regiment?

Combination of real foods and whey proteins. It’s all about nutrient timing. Real food throughout my daily eating, whey protein post workout!

Does how you take protein change based on your goals and If so, how?

Absolutely! My routine is built around clean eating and proper supplementation. Everything in between and after are results of my dedication!

What advice would you give someone who doesn’t understand the benefits of protein?

First, let’s take a step back and learn about your lifestyle and goals. From there we can tailor a program that meets and fits your agenda. Everybody, every body!

What should someone look for in their protein product?

Performance goals! Let’s discuss what your looking for and I’ll show you the path to get there!

Why do you trust Cellucor protein products?

Clean label, consistency and NSF certified!

It's fast digesting, easy on the palate, packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep me FUELED through my workouts and recovery!

Would you recommend this product to your family and friends, if so why?

Absolutely! Although everybody and everybody is different, we can discuss individual goals and how our products can support their lifestyle and day!

What is your favorite Cellucor protein flavor?

The Vanilla protein flavor! It’s super universal and can really be blended with anything!

Have you ever cooked with our product? If so, what is your favorite recipe?

Yes! Four egg whites, 1-2 scoops of whey, 1/4 cup of almond milk and whisk. Fire up pan to medium heat, pour into pan and BOOM… a super low carb pancake!

Date October 07, 2021
Category Nutrition