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How Brett Azar Uses Cor-Performance Whey Protein Powder

Protein powders have become a staple in many people's lifestyles. They're a tasty, convenient way to increase protein intake and stay on track with a diet. Brett Azar can attest, he's sculpted the physique of his dream and landed acting roles thanks to his chiseled look.

For Brett, COR Performance Whey Protein has been his go-to protein supplement to help him dial in on his fitness goals. 

We connected with Brett to talk about the benefits of protein, how he uses COR Performance Whey, and favorite protein recipes.

How does protein help you perform your best?

Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle. As an actor who books roles mostly because of my muscular appearance, consuming protein is a necessity in my life. And COR Performance Whey is my go-to for protein supplementation. I owe my career to the training in the gym, the diet, and the supplements I've taken to make it this far. Roles like Arnold Schwarzenegger's body double and the Iron Sheik on Young Rock.

What benefits do you notice from supplementing protein into your diet?

For the 20 years I've been taking protein supplements, I've shaped my body to the muscular physique I've dreamed of having. And I owe a lot to the protein shakes I've taken daily throughout those 20 years. Plus, drinking something that tastes like a healthy chocolate desert everyday keeps my mind and tastebuds happy.

Does how you take protein change based on your goals?

Yes. If I'm maintaining my look or dieting, I'm drinking my protein shakes with black coffee and water mixed in. If gaining weight, I add dry oats and peanut butter to my COR Performance Whey. If I'm filming a shirtless scene and I'm dehydrating myself to look as lean as possible on camera, I'll make protein puddings with a little water or black coffee, or I'll just straight up chew the protein dry. I love that. I'm driving to set right now and just chewed a scoop for a snack before filming.

Why do you supplement your diet with protein?

I have been using protein shakes for 20 years as a part of my daily diet. I love shakes because you can get a whole lot of protein in daily and not feel so full all day. Eating that much solid food upsets my stomach. So, starting the day with a protein shake and completing a workout with a protein shake keeps me from being hungry, keeps my muscles happy, and keeps me from feeling bloated all the time.

Back in high school my breakfast was always corn Chex cereal with milk and a scoop of chocolate protein powder mixed in. Then in college I progressed to cooking oatmeal with protein mixed in. Makes me hungry thinking about.

How do you use COR Performance Whey in your daily routine?

  • Upon waking up - 1 heaping scoop.
  • 1 hour later driving to the gym - 1 heaping scoop
  • Immediately after gym - 1 heaping scoop.

Sometimes before bed I'll have a pudding where you only add a little water to the protein, and I mix in some oats and peanut butter.

What advice would you give someone who doesn’t understand the benefits of protein?

Protein is essential to life. Athlete or not. Gym goer or not. A healthy diet and a well-functioning body require adequate protein amounts. And if there's an option to getting protein that is delicious and tastes like a desert, why would you not have it?

What should someone look for in their protein product?

The first ingredient should always be protein. Isolate would be best quality. And for me a taste test. I will scoop dry powder and chew it. The ultimate taste test. Dry powder can't hide. And COR Performance Whey passed that test with flying colors.

Why do you trust Cellucor Protein products?

20 years of use with the brand speaks volumes. I've been a Cellucor user long before I was a Cellucor ambassador.

Results don't lie. I can confidently recommend COR Performance Whey to anyone, not just friends family, but everyone. I am proof it works.

What's your favorite flavor of COR Performance Whey?

Chocolate whey protein is always my number 1. But lately I've been a fan of mixing flavors together. Chocolate always being the predominant flavor, but I'll mix in vanilla protein to alter the taste a little.

What's your favorite COR Performance Whey recipe?

I've done protein pancakes (chocolate whey, egg whites, and oats) its good. But my favorite thing isn't cooking, it's a pudding (2 scoops whey, 1 cup dry oats, and 2 tbs peanut butter). It's the best damn dessert in the world. It's probably considered a mass gaining meal. Cut the ingredients in half to get my fix when dieting or maintaining. But more is always better with that snack. 

Date October 07, 2021
Category Nutrition