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Detailed Meal Plan + Nutrition Guide for Bodybuilding Competition Prep

We caught up with Team Cellucor's Sadik Hadzovic to see what an IFBB Pro eats in a day during contest prep. Sadik shared his thoughts on cheat meals, the best macronutrient split to get ripped, and his favorite supplements. Check out what a pro eats in a day.

Meal 1: 7 Egg Whites, 2 Yolks, 60g Oats

It’s not easy being a bodybuilder. I think bodybuilding is the most disciplined sport because it’s 365 for a decade. You can’t look good for the stage in 6 months, you’ve got to put in that 10 years first. It's 10 years of eating 6 meals a day, 10 years of waking up early, 10 years of missing out on parties, late nights, and going to clubs. It takes total discipline and total effort.

Meal 2: 7oz Grilled Chicken Breast & 6.5oz Jasmine Rice

The main thing that’s changed now that I’m prepping is that I jacked the protein way up. I’m at 7 oz of protein per meal. We lowered the carbohydrates in my diet slightly and brought the fats up, this way we have a sustainable energy source. If you’re trying to get ripped, lose body fat, gain muscle, follow this plan.

Meal 3: 1 Burger & Small Fries

Once a week I do a cheat meal. We’re so far out of the show that we want to keep the fullness and the metabolism going. When I’m not having a burger and fries, my typical meal #3 is 8 oz of ground beef and I’m having 6.5 oz of white rice. My cheat meal replaces that meal every Tuesday. I’m never truly starving even though I’m dieting because I’m eating so much calorie-dense food.

Meal 4: 7oz Chicken Breast, 6.5oz Jasmine Rice, Brussel Sprouts, ½ Pickle

This certainly isn’t as good as the Five Guys burger I had this afternoon. But this meal does the trick. You can’t have a cheat meal every single day that’s not how they work. Treat cheat meals as a treat. Reset your batteries and get back to your clean food.

Meal 5: 2 Slices Ezekiel Bread, 7 Egg Whites, 1 Yolk, ½ Avocado

Last and final meal of the day. This is probably the easiest meal to eat of all. 7 egg whites, 1 yolk, two slices of Ezekiel raisin toast bread, absolutely delicious. After this we get some sleep and guess what? We do it all again tomorrow.

Snack: Chef Physique Golden Bar

This is actually the bar I created, not only for myself but also for my clients so that we can continue to hit our physique goals.

Competition Prep Supplements for Bodybuilders

XTEND Elite: I use XTEND Elite to get fueled up during my workouts. It’s something I sip during all of my workouts.

XTEND Original: This is something that I sip throughout the day. I fill up a gallon full of water and put in one scoop of XTEND Original. Not only does it taste great, but it’s going to help you hydrate and recover all day long.

COR-Performance Creatine: I like to have this immediately after a workout. I do about 25 g. of fast-acting carbs and always creatine. I take five grams of Creatine, minimum, even on rest days. Creatine is something I’ve been taking for 15 years consistently. If there’s ONE supplement that you must have - its creatine. It's been proven to enhance performance and strength. Five grams is all it takes.

XTEND Pro: I also use XTEND Pro post-workout. There’s no issue with combining it with creatine but I like to keep the flavors separate. What I like so much about XTEND Pro is that it tastes delicious, and it doesn’t hurt my stomach, it digests super easy.

Date March 25, 2022
Category Nutrition