6 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

By Jen Jewell

I know all about trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while embracing the flexibility and uncertainty that comes along with traveling. Over the last few years, I’ve spent about 50% or more of my time on the road for work, events and more. Traveling with an arsenal of healthy snacks is one way I've been able to remain in control of what I eat no matter where the trip takes me!


I try to fit these healthy snacks into quart or gallon sized bags, which I then throw in my purse or tote bag. If I'm going to be away for more than a day or two, I’ll pack an additional supply of these items in my luggage. I cannot stress enough how taking just a few extra minutes to be prepared has helped on day trips, long flights, layovers and more.

Below are my healthy travel bag snack essentials:

Almonds and/or pistachios

Aside from their nutritional value (heart healthy fats, fiber, a bit of protein), the convenience factor is huge. You can easily find single serving packets. When hunger strikes, skip out on all those overpriced and sugar-laden snacks you find in airports or gas stations.

Packets of oats

Carrying oats (whether single serving packets or in zip lock bags) is such a simple way to make sure you get quality, fiber-rich carbs during your travels. I’ve made oatmeal at coffee shops and on flights. All you need is hot water, a cup, a spoon and you’re good to go. If you didn’t pack oats with you, have no fear. Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and many other coffee shops offer oatmeal on their menus. Just ask for the sugar and additional toppings to be left out.

FitJoy protein bars

They have solid protein, fiber and they taste like dessert...What’s not to love? Aside from the obvious nutritional value, they also really help me satisfy my sweet tooth. Traveling with a supply of FitJoy bars (I’ll pack 1-2 bars per day as a “just in case” snack) has helped me pass up random cookies and candy bars at airports!


Think convenience. These two fruits are super easy to travel with and you don't need utensils or a ton of napkins. Ever tried to peel an orange while hustling through an airport or driving on a road trip? Pro tip: don’t! It gets messy quick. Again, if you have a sweet tooth,  carrying a banana or apple will help you remain in control.

Whey protein

Protein powder is one of those staple items that come in handy in many different circumstances. It's easy to pack and it's super versatile. You can whip up a shake with cold water, or better yet you can stir into the oats you’ve brought along, and voila! A healthy alternative to grabbing something at the nearest fast food place while you’re on the road! 

Single-serving packets of almond butter or peanut butter

These single serving options are so easy to find and carry on the go. Most fall in the 200 calorie range and offer some fiber and protein. Pairing it with a banana or apple makes for an easy, healthy snack. 

There you have it! The items I listed are some of my favorite healthy snacks to bring with me on a trip. What are some of your favorites?

About Jen Jewell

Jen Jewell is the bubbly meets badass fitness personality who takes a versatile “fun with fitness” approach to training. Although she is a fitness pro, she isn’t overly restrictive with her nutrition and workouts. She loves yoga, hiking, and outdoor workouts. She actively coaches people around the world who want to get healthy and fit. Follow Jen on her journey. 

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