Weight Loss Step 1: Set Realistic Goals

By Jen Jewell

Why do you want to lose weight?

Is it to be healthier? To feel more confident on the beach? To improve your quality of life? To attract a partner? Identifying your "why" should be the first step in your weight loss journey. It gives meaning to your actions and gets you excited for the road ahead. And you should be excited! Weight loss can completely change your life for the better. It did for me!

We all start somewhere! A quick glimpse at my own fitness journey in this #flashbackfriday pic! The far left pic I was approx 35% body fat, middle pic was a few years later when I'd "dieted down" a bit for a shoot a friend talked me into (don't ask what kind of pose I'm doing, haha), and the right pic taken once I had finally been consistent with all aspects of my fitness (balanced nutrition, cardio and weights). As you can see, my results didn't happen overnight- nor should yours! All kinds of ups, downs and learning experiences between these pics, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Having once been over 35% body fat and far from my most fit & healthy self really allows me to have a greater appreciation for my health and fitness as it is today. The fact that I'm able to work with others worldwide on their fitness, creating programs that allow for a realistic, sustainable approach to their own fitness lifestyle means more to me than you'd imagine. I love being able to help others learn to love fitness for all that it is...including the unexpected ways that a fitness lifestyle can end up changing your life as it has mine! 💪🏽💃🏽 #funwithfitness #fittravel #transformation #personaltrainer #onlinetraining #cellucor #alwaysaworkinprogress #gratitude #mindset #goals #fatloss #fittips #healthy #notalwaysaglamourshot #liveauthentic #dontworryabouttmyhairintheleftpic #fbf

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When it comes to setting goals based on your "purpose", the biggest mistake you could make is being too vague. Jotting down “get into shape” or “lose weight” isn't enough. You need clear, concise (and realistic) goals. 

Good Examples: 

  • “Reduce my body fat to "x" percentage"
  • “Incorporate workouts into my life 3-5 days a week"
  • “Add in an extra 1-2 servings of veggies each day"
  • “Bring a healthy lunch from home 2-3 days a week instead of eating lunch out each day”

What goals are you going to set for your weight loss journey? Do they have purpose? Are they specific and realistic? Spend time on this step. It will make all the difference later on. 


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