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DJ Davison's WWE® SummerSlam VIP Weekend

DJ Davison was the lucky winner of our WWE® SummerSlam Sweeps. We sent DJ to WWE® SummerSlam in VIP style. All expenses paid tickets, travel, hotel, and exclusive access. We connected with DJ to talk about his love for the WWE, WWE® SummerSlam weekend, and favorite C4 flavors.

How long have you been a fan of the WWE for?

I’ve been a fan of WWE since I was 8 years old, I remember when I first laid eyes on it one Monday night and was even more hooked when I got to experience SmackDown during that Friday.

What made me a WWE fan? As generic as it may sound, everything. From the story telling, to the athleticism, the giant stage with pyro, the entrances of different superstars, and most importantly the interaction between the superstars and the crowds. I mean I could go on and on, just know I’ll always be a WWE fan.

How did you feel when you won the contest?

When I won the contest I was in shock, it didn’t feel real. Time stopped when I picked up my phone and saw the message that I was a Grand Prize winner. I feel like I never win anything as it is, especially big sweepstakes like this but there it was and WWE® SummerSlam was calling my name.

My weekend in Vegas while attending WWE® SummerSlam was an amazing experience. From the moment I got off the plane and stepped foot into Vegas till the moment I had to step back on the plane and come back home, I honestly would do it all over again if I could.

What was your favorite part about the weekend?

My favorite part of the weekend had to have been walking into Allegiant Stadium and actually walking down to the ring and taking pictures before the show started. It’s always been my dream to be in the WWE and perform in front of the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home. Being that close to a WWE ring for the first time and taking pictures with my championship was a very emotional and motivational experience for me personally. It added fuel to the fire, the fire that C4 helped me ignite!

As soon as I got to the hotel room and started unpacking, I was greeted with C4 energy drink cases at the door! I was very tired from the flying and being 6’4 on a plane is exhausting in itself. I was excited to try one and absolutely felt that tingling sensation after a couple of minutes and was ready to go sight seeing in Vegas. I drank some every time I got back to the room!

When did you first discover C4?

I first discovered C4 by seeing 2 of my favorite WWE® Superstars (The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns & The EST of WWE Bianca Belair) post about it back to back on Instagram. I saw them post these cool, rugged behind the scenes hype videos about the energy drink and instantly thought it was one of the coolest collaboration videos ever. I genuinely watched the videos multiple videos times and pictured myself doing the same thing one day.

What's your favorite C4 flavor?

My favorite flavor, that’s a tough one but I’m gonna go ahead and give it to the Frozen Bombsicle. That flavor was there for me in Vegas and made me want more of it so yea that’s my favorite. I’ll have to give a honorable mention to that Purple Frost as well, definitely need more of that in my life.

I’d like to send a big thank you to you guys and the whole C4 team! Winning this sweepstakes and going to WWE® SummerSlam and experiencing Vegas is an experience I will never forget & you guys helped make that possible for me. I still watch videos and look at pictures that just about everyday. Mark my words, this won’t be the last time you guys see me by a WWE ring. I’ll be Main Eventing next time. Again, I appreciate you guys for everything, you guys brought out 8 year old DJ & for that, I’m forever grateful. Thank you!

Date April 27, 2022
Category Lifestyle