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Nutrabolt x How2Recycle

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As leaders in active health and wellness, Nutrabolt is driving sustainable and
plastic-neutral initiatives. We want to take an active role in protecting the environment through our investments and education. We’ve only got one Earth, so it’s important we take care of it.  

One of the ways we seek to do this is through recycling. 

Recycling offers a multitude of benefits to our planet and economy. Recycling can help preserve natural resources, prevent pollution, and reduce waste.[1] It can also help increase economic security, promote job creation, and support manufacturing.[1] 

All these benefits sound awesome, right? So how do you get started recycling our products? 

We’re proud to announce our new membership with the How2Recycle® labeling program to empower consumer recycling with enhanced packaging labeling. 
Our customers and our people care about what we’re doing for the planet, and Nutrabolt is proud to begin our partnership with How2Recycle®. Iconic packaging innovation is foundational to our brands, and it’s exciting to extend that innovation past aesthetics toward a greater purpose and a healthier environment. It’s our responsibility to drive this message within our industry, and we’re honored to partner with other organizations dedicated to empowering a responsible, thoughtful consumer,” - Nutrabolt President of Sales and Marketing John Herman.

As part of Nutrabolt’s ongoing commitment to serve its people, communities, and our planet – the company will update all packaging throughout the next year to meet How2Recycle ® standards for widely recyclable designations and create a responsible choice for our consumers. The initiative aims to eliminate customer confusion through labeling that clearly conveys how best to dispose of all C4 packaging and Cellucor and XTEND packaging to follow. 

Our membership with How2Recycle® will further impact sustainability by aligning with an organization that educates consumers on what can be recycled thereby dramatically reducing waste in our landfills.


Nutrabolt is committed to protecting our environment by educating our consumers on how to properly dispose of the packaging used for C4, Cellucor and XTEND products. Beginning this fall, we will be using the How2Recycle label on C4 Powders. 

Click here for more information on How2Recycle® 




Date October 20, 2022
Category Lifestyle