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Introducing C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero

At C4® we work to uphold our mission statement: “To innovate, inspire, and make products that maximize human potential accessible to all.” To be an industry leader, you must relentlessly pursue innovation. This means never settling, and always looking for ways to improve.

The same way you reject complacency and look for ways to overachieve, we’re steadfast in our goals to take our products to the next level. The amazing flavor experience is a defining characteristic of all C4® products. We’re always seeking out new ways to take our product experience to the next level when it comes to taste and performance. After 2 years of research and development, we’re now able to bring to you a naturally sweetened C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero, featuring stevia, that also meets our rigorous standards for great taste.

Rethink Naturally Sweetened

Many naturally sweetened products on shelves today contain high amounts of sugar, forcing you to compromise between artificially sweetened and high sugar. Or compromise between naturally sweetened and great tasting, but not anymore. The team at C4® has continued to drive innovation and redefine the landscape of the industry, and with C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero you get a naturally sweetened ZERO sugar energy drink that tastes amazing. We used an extract from stevia leaves, a plant native to South America, as our natural sweetener. Stevia is a plant-based sweetener that can deliver the sweet taste we crave without the sugar or calories. This all adds up to zero sugar, zero calories, and zero compromise on flavor.

Rethink Energy

C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero features two trademarked ingredients: InnovaTea® Green Tea and Cognizin® Citicoline. With 150 mg of caffeine per can, the InnovaTea® in Smart Energy Natural Zero is a perfect dose to increase energy and alertness. Cognizin® is a proprietary form of citicoline that has been clinically studied to support attention and focus. Citicoline is a naturally occurring nutrient in our brain that plays a role in cellular communication.[1]

Redefining the Flavor Experience

Years back, we made a choice to invest heavily in natural flavors, to reduce the artificial flavor elements of our products. Rather than resting on our laurels, the next thing we wanted to do is redefine the flavor experience of naturally sweetened flavors. Using natural sweeteners isn’t an easy task, since sweeteners can impact the taste and mouthfeel of a product. We took this challenge head-on knowing that we’d refuse to release a product that didn’t live up to the C4® name.

Crack open a can of Smart Energy Natural Zero and harness the power of energy and focus.



Date April 27, 2022
Category Lifestyle