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High Octane Intensity - Ron "Boss" Everline

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“You’ve got to preserver through all of your challenges” - Boss

Chief Fitness & Business Ambassador Ron “Boss” Everline made fitness and entrepreneurship his lifestyle. Boss lives his truth and never gives up.

We all have days where we don’t feel like going to the gym. On those days, when motivation isn’t at 100%, what does your pre-training routine look like to ensure you keep the intensity high?

It’s discipline. I remind myself why I do this and hold myself accountable. I pre-game myself with a reminder of my goals and why I want it. It all starts with discipline. Self-accountability.

Knowing that being the hardest worker in the room isn’t easy or common, was there a moment when it all clicked for you?

The hardest worker in the room” is really you vs you. What clicked for me is that I was getting outworked, and I realized I had to spend a little extra time in the gym after people left. I had to work harder than some because my talent wasn’t reaching their level. And that’s when I started to surpass people because I was willing to stay a little longer and do more work to get to that finish line. For me that’s what’s so important to outperforming the competition both on and off the field. When I look at the field, it’s not just sports but also the field of life. I’m just trying to have my competitive edge, that’s why I wake up early. How many more hours of the day can I maximize? If you sleep till 8:00 am and I’m up at 4:00 am, I’ve got a 4-hour advantage on you. For me it was the competitive advantage of maximizing my time, even if it means staying a little more.

What fuels you? Is it a mission? A goal? A vision for yourself and your life?

My fuel is helping other people become successful. That gives me more energy than anything, to see other people become successful, especially working on the same team as me.

There are so many things within mission, right? To be a great dad, to be a great husband, to get better. One of my #1 goals is never to stay the same. Being uncomfortable will help me grow, so that’s a goal of mine, I always put myself in uncomfortable situations because I find myself learning.

A vision I have for myself is to be a connector of people, businesses, and ideas. You don’t have to a lot; you just have to have a will and things will change for you.

The idea for my life is to create a legacy for my family that keeps my name living on beyond my years. And my family get to understand their superpowers. That’s my supercharge button when I wake up and don’t feel like doing it, what’s going to be that legacy moment for my family. The trajectory of how I started to think about legacy changed when I started to build JustTrain. When you have employees, you start to help your family, you travel the world connecting people to your ideas. Then I have kids, a wife, and 20 nieces and you start to go “what is the legacy going to be.” Legacy was something I started to shape, it wasn’t something that I knew I was working for, all I knew was hard work.

Date April 27, 2022
Category Lifestyle