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Energy Profile: George Bamfo Jr

As a celebrity trainer and former college football player George Bamfo Jr is all about self-improvement. We had the opportunity to sit down with George and discuss his fitness journey, daily routine, and how he uses C4® energy drinksto ignite his focus and fire.

How did you get started on your fitness journey?

It started at a young age as I was a very active kid playing various sports. As I got older and football became my main sport, I started to understand the importance of strength and conditioning if I wanted to be successful at football. And Ive carried that mindset on my fitness journey since then.

What motivates you to accomplish your goals?

My motivation is to become the best version of myself, and the only way to attain that ideal is to take the necessary steps to accomplish my goals everyday.

What is your daily routine or go to practice for staying energized?

Meditating, reading, listening to positive books or podcasts and working out everyday keeps me energized.

How did you first discover C4®?

I discovered C4® through my training partner, he had me try it one-day before a workout and I loved it. It tastes great and gives me a boost of energy to push through my workouts.

How does C4® energy fit into your routine?

It fits my routine perfectly, I take the pre workout before my morning session, after training I take a scoop of XTEND® protein powder & BCAAs for recovery

Date April 27, 2022
Category Lifestyle