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Energy Profile: Juani Zurita

BMX rider Juani Zurita's passion fuels his relentless work ethic. We had the chance to speak with Juani about his fitness journey, daily routine, and how he stays energized with C4® Energy.

How did you get started on your fitness journey?

Throughout my career I've had so many injures, surgeries, and broken bones. One of them was super significant for me. I was riding back in Chile and in a crash I broke my shoulder, the doctor said, "If you would have had more muscle, you would have prevented this injury." From there I started working out and making sure I take care of my body. I love to feel strong on my bike.

What motivates you to accomplish your goals?

Motivation for me comes and goes, But the dream doesn’t go anywhere. So I always keep my dream alive, and that keeps me pushing on good and bad days.

Can you take us through your daily routine?

One of the most important things for me is nutrition, I make sure I fuel myself correctly. I wake up, get a good breakfast, hit the gym or my bike road bike every morning. After that I get lunch and go for my second round of BMX, this session lasts at least 3 hours a day, every day, no days off hahaha. It's so hard for me take a day off, because I really love riding my bike. I take a day off when I really feel like I need a break.

How did you first discover C4®?

I started using XTEND® Pro protein, they're the best. Following XTEND® on Instagram lead me to C4® Energy, this drink is amazing.

How does C4 Energy® fit into your routine?

C4® is a really important part of my day, every time I train I have a C4® with me, to keep me motivated and focused. C4® really gives you a push when you feel you can’t do it anymore. When you are training 5 hours a day, 7 days a week, you really need a Super Human Drink, that’s C4®.

Date April 27, 2022
Category Lifestyle