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Celebrating Black History Month with Eren Legend

Eren Legend knows what it takes to create his own lane. As a celebrity trainer, fitness model, and IFBB Pro, Eren Legend has some major accomplishments under his belt. We connected with Eren to discuss his recent move to Los Angeles, some of his life’s passions, and his system for achieving success.

I’m so grateful, like how can I be mad at this, right?

I just recently moved to Los Angeles, CA from Toronto, Canada. I’m really grateful because I’ve met a lot of people out here that have connected me to my purpose. I feel incredibly aligned. There’s a lot of great projects that I’m going to be doing through C4 this year that I know you guys are going to enjoy.

These are the few of the things that I have in mind to really just focus on, sharing my light.

I’m really passionate about acting, fashion design, and public speaking. I’m a celebrity trainer, I love taking care of my clients. I love seeing them grow and progress. Sharing my light to help people achieve the best version of themselves while I achieve the best version of myself as well.

Reverse engineering means a lot to me.

One of the tips that I can share with you that I’ve learned throughout my career, throughout my entire life is reverse engineering. And what it means is having a goal in mind and working backwards on how it works towards yourself.

An example I can give is that I wanted to compete at the Olympia stage.I thought to myself, “how do I get to the Olympia?” You have to win an IFBB pro-level show. Then I said, “how do you win an IFBB pro level show?” You have to become an IFBB level pro. And then I thought, “How do you become an IFBB pro?” You have to climb through the ranks, being in the top 5 regional, provincial, national. I know it’s different in other countries for some of you, but I started to work backwards towards myself, having one goal in mind and thinking of how it works back to me. This is one little tip for success towards reaching your goals, achieving your goals, and keeping your goals.

Date April 27, 2022
Category Lifestyle