Lauren Johnson

Elite fitness trainer

About Lauren Johnson

Lauren is a fitness & yoga instructor turned influencer and model with an Audience of over 1M amassed in the last year. In addition to her multiple instructor certifications, she has a degree in health science. She’s worked with many notable brands across the fitness community including YoungLA, Gymshark, and C4 among others. She believes health and wellness is the true currency and her favorite C4 product is the smart energy in Strawberry Guava

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Lauren Johnson

How Did You Start Your Fitness Journey?

I had always played sports, ever since I was just a kid in the summer and during the school year. When went to college and didn’t have a coach anymore I started Crossfit classes and hot yoga and fell in love with the process of growth and being in tune with my mind and body. It challenged me so much and I decided to learn as much as I could! Fast forward to over 5 years later and my passion is now what I do for a living.