Jamal Browner

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About Jamal Browner

Jamal is a world record holder powerlifter. 1 of two people who have deadlifted over 1000lbs in a full powerlifting meet. Jamal has his bachelors degree in health and human performance from Albany state University. He’s used this degree to further himself in his powerlifting journey. He’s also has helped countless others along the way with his programs that he has available to purchase. His favorite C4 product is c4 sport strength.

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Jamal Browner

How Did You Start Your Fitness Journey?

My fitness journey began on the football field during middle and high school, where I discovered his passion for athleticism and competition. While playing football, I dedicated myself to training rigorously to improve his skills and performance on the field. Even after hanging up my football cleats, the fire within me to excel and push my limits remained unquenched. Transitioning to college, I found a new outlet for his passion: powerlifting. In the weight room, I discovered a sense of empowerment and fulfillment unlike anything I had experienced before. With each lift, I pushed himself to new heights, fueled by the desire to become stronger, both physically and mentally. Eager to share my progress and inspire others, I began posting my lifts on social media, showcasing my dedication and hard work.