Colin McIntyre

Fitness Model / Influencer

About Colin McIntyre

Colin is currently a full-time fitness model working for C4 energy. Colin earned a bachelors degree from the university of Alabama in 2022. Colin loves to work out, of course but he’s more passionate about teaching teens that they can change for the better if they really put their mind to it.

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Colin McIntyre

How Did You Start Your Fitness Journey?

There was a specific day that sticks with me, where one day I was at work and my manager yelled to get my attention. Instead of calling me by my name and he yelled “hey stick figure” and that broke me. I was so embarrassed. I ended up moving away for college and got involved in the gym and found some friends that helped me along the way. As soon as I started to see results, I started posting on TikTok and that’s when everything changed for me.