on the go hydration set

XTEND shaker & 10 pk stick pk of XTEND Original (Blue Razz)

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XTEND Original is the leading Amino Acid and Electrolyte formula trusted by consumers for more than 15 years. With its huge selection of refreshing flavors, XTEND OG was designed to help you hydrate, repair, and recover

Why take Electrolytes and BCAAs

XTEND OG delivers an all-in-one solution to support hydration and recovery. Basically, it helps you replenish fluids you lose through sweating and provides your muscles with fuel to repair themselves.

One Formula, Many Benefits

Scientifically proven to improve your recovery

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They play a role in things like regulating fluid volume, blood pH and muscle contractions. Basically, electrolytes help our bodies operate smoothly.

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They can be used as building blocks by our body to help build new muscle or repair existing muscle.

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Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in our bodies. During exercise, our bodies can use glutamine as a fuel source to create more glucose. We include glutamine in our formula to help you replenish glutamine levels you may have used during exercise.

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With zero sugar per serving - making it a perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle. Here’s a little secret, your body can actually absorb electrolytes without having to rely on huge servings of sugar.