Public Safety

Service is at the core of our brand’s mission. We value the time, sacrifice and effort that goes into serving others. To our friends and family around the world who serve to protect our safety and defend our freedoms, we’d like to thank you by offering special pricing on all Cellucor products. We hope our products support you along your personal fitness journey.

First Responders
  • Law Enforcement
  • Paramedic
  • EMT
  • Fire Rescue
  • Active Duty
  • Reservist/Guard
  • Veteran/Retiree
  • Military Spouse / Dependent
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Special Programs News

Cellucor Receives Challenger Coin for Supporting Camp Buehring

The presentation of a challenger coin is a proud tradition in the military. It represents unity, pride, and teamwork amongst our Nation’s bravest. We were honored to receive one of these challenger coins, along with a flag and certificate, from First Lieutenant, Max Puckett of Camp Buehring...

Special Programs News

How to Train for the Firefighter Combat Challenge

Training for the combat challenge strengthens a firefighter’s endurance for fire ground emergency operations (i.e. full gear training, stair climbing, forcible entry, rescuing victims, etc.). It is one of the most physically and mentally taxing obstacles you could sign up for....

Special Programs News

Make A Vet Sweat x Cellucor

Make A Vet Sweat (MAVS) is an organization dedicated to helping veterans overcome PTSD through physical activity and community support. And since it's in our DNA to improve the lives.....

Special Programs News

Cellucor Nation Spotlight: Eric Aguilar

I always remember my goals and I've always looked at myself in the mirror and told myself I would never accomplish anything if I just gave up. So I just put my headphones in, drink up some C4, kill the gym, and leave knowing I held nothing back at all....