Ms. Bikini Olympia Champion

"Ambition is my middle name. I’m always striving to become the best version of myself in everything I do."


Since a young age, Janet's always loved an active lifestyle. After her high school years of soccer and cheerleading, Janet discovered her passion to learn about the body and nutrition while obtaining her nursing degree. Eventually crossing paths with the bikini division in the world of bodybuilding, she decided to challenge herself and compete.

"I began a new journey. Starting out knowing nothing about training or dieting - I wanted to learn anything and everything about fitness."

Fast forward to 2021, and Janet is the #1 ranked Bikini athlete on the planet.

"As I climbed the ranks in my fitness journey, using only the best performance supplements has become a must. I quickly noticed that many of the top athletes in the world are using Cellucor products, so I just knew I had to try them."



Right now my focus is to defend my title as Ms, Bikini Olympia, and remain one of the top bikini competitors in the world. More so, it is always my duty to keep inspiring others and help them along their fitness journey. Times are crazy different and extremely challenging these days, but one thing we have control over is how we treat our health and wellness. Keeping that a priority in life helps me stay not only motivated but also committed and dedicated to the process.  



Through my years of experience in fitness, I’m in a place where I want to carry on the knowledge to my family, friends, and others who are seeking to better themselves. With many years of attending and competing in fitness shows, I’m so grateful to be at a place of opportunity. Currently I am putting on my own fitness event called Battle of the Bodies, an NPC National Qualifier and IFBB Pro Bikini championship event! So many people have been a part of my journey and witnessed the many accomplishments I’ve achieved - and now I’m able to give back to be a part of other people’s fitness journey.

Janet's Go-To Favorites

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"Don’t just be motivated, be dedicated. Once you stop viewing it as a chore, you’ll start viewing it as a privilege. "

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Favorite food
Greek/Mediterranean is my main go to but I love me some buffalo wings

Favorite sport to watch

Morning person or night owl?
Night Owl

Indoor workout or outdoor workout?

Traveler or homebody?
Travel but depends on the time of year

Leg day or arm day?

Cardio or weights?
One can't go without the other