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They said it couldn't be done. That our righteous idea—to channel the explosive energy of pre-workout into the format of popping energy rocks—was too far out. Too bodacious. Just way too radical. But guess what? They were wrong.

(Who are "they," you ask? It doesn't really matter who "they" are! They're not jacked. They don't lift. And they don't know how to rock. But we do.)

Introducing C4® Shot Rocks™, from America's #1 pre-workout brand†. Shot Rocks™ deliver the explosive energy and legendary performance of C4® in a bold new way: a vial of energy rocks that pop in your mouth. There's no water required. Just pop, shoot, and perform!*

Rock your workout
Shot Rocks Performance Formula

Caffeine, CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, l-citrulline, and additional ingredients to support explosive energy, performance, muscular endurance, and mental focus.*

no water needed
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Leave the water in the bottle. Just pop, shoot, and go!