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Meet the Newest Member of Team XTEND® - Sadik Hadzovic

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We're excited to announce 4x world champion and IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic to Team XTEND®. It took decades of hard-work, a disciplined approach to nutrition, and an emphasis on recovery for Sadik to develop the comic book superhero look he always wanted as a young teen.

We sat down with Sadik for a rapid fire Q&A about some of his favorites

Why did you want to join XTEND® and what does it means to you to be part of the family?

For the past few years I always thought to myself: “ how cool would it be to be signed to XTEND®” and what’s even cooler is when your thoughts began to blossom to reality. With great excitement I am happy to promote products I have been personally taking for almost a decade now.

What’s your favorite food?


Favorite sport to watch?


Leg day or arm day?

Leg Day Bro

Cardio or weights?

Come on... Weights!

Morning person or night owl?


Outdoor or indoor workout?


Traveler or homebody?


Favorite XTEND® products?

XTEND® Original

XTEND® Elite

XTEND® Ripped