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by Craig Capurso August 09, 2017

Get ready to pour everything you got into a Tabata style chest and triceps workout.

Tabata style training is quick, efficient and will give you a crazy good workout. You have 20 seconds to get as many reps as possible of an exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest before moving on to the next one. 

You can turn any routine into a Tabata style workout—just perform 8 sets of one or more exercises, with or without weights.

The Workout

Grab a stopwatch and get to work. Try this chest and triceps Tabata workout.  

4 mins – 8 exercises, 20-second intervals, 10 seconds rest.


  • Smith machine bench press: 1 set AMRAP, 20 seconds on, 10-second rest
  • DB bench press: 1 set AMRAP, 20 seconds on, 10-second rest
  • Machine flys: 1 set AMRAP, 20 seconds on, 10-second rest
  • Pushups: 1 set AMRAP, 20 seconds on, 10-second rest


  • Rope pushdown: 2 sets AMRAP, 20 seconds on, 10-second rest
  • Dips: 2 sets AMRAP, 20 seconds on, 10-second rest


  • You can change up this workout by repeating the same move for 8 sets, or super-setting two moves, etc...
  • Prevent injury. Choose a reasonable weight, and if you're creating your own Tabata workout, choose exercises you can perform with good form and speed as you race the clock.  
  • If necessary, adjust the above routine to fit your gym's layout.



Team Cellucor Athlete Craig is as hardcore as you can get in the fitness industry. He is a fierce competitor who has transformed his physique multiple times throughout his career. Both new and experienced fitness audiences can benefit from Craig’s wealth of knowledge in all areas and styles of training. As both an entrepreneur and family man, Craig so knows a thing or two about the importance of maximizing his time both in and out of the gym. Follow his journey on Instagram ( @craigcapurso).

Craig Capurso
Craig Capurso

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